PCC Member of the Month – February 2019

PCC Member of the Month: Clive Pendrell

This is the seventh in our series of pen portraits of members of St Chad’s Parochial Church Council and it is of Clive Pendrell, who took over last year as the churchbtreasurer

Church was so welcoming when I was at a low point

I moved to Pattingham in 2008 after living on Perton for 22 years. I have also lived in Wolverhampton, so I knew Pattingham well from my youth when I used to go fishing and play golf at Patshull Park.

Although I’ve always been quite religious, I didn’t become a regular churchgoer until after my mom died in 2015. The church invited me to a memorial service for people in the parish who had died during the previous year, so I went along and got some comfort from it and decided to start attending every week. Everyone made me feel welcome, and people were quick to help me follow the order of service if I got lost occasionally.

I was able to rediscover some favourite hymns from my schooldays and also learn more about the history of the village.

In retrospect I was feeling quite low at the time and looking back now I think getting involved with the church is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I work as an underwriting manager for an insurance company, so I’m used to dealing with figures; when I heard the church was looking for a new Treasurer I decided to put my name forward and here I am! It’s been a bit of a learning curve and I didn’t realise how much is involved in maintaining a church but the outgoing treasurer Graham Tritton has been very helpful and I’ve been on a training course so I’m getting familiar with it all now.

I think when it comes to things like Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals it’s only natural to expect the church to ‘be there’ but since becoming Treasurer I’ve realised that churches receive no state funding and rely heavily on people giving their time (and money) in order to keep everything going. The other thing I’ve found about being Treasurer is that it’s a great way of getting to know people in the parish so I’m enjoying it and quite happy doing my bit.

I suppose the other passion I’ve discovered later in life is gardening. I went to the Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago and became hooked almost instantly. I go every year now and I’ve become pretty good at identifying different plants – it’s just growing them that I haven’t mastered yet.

Oh well – better get back to paying some more bills!