Young people

Services for Children

  • 1st Sunday of the Month – FAMILY SERVICE
  • 2nd Sunday of the Month – YOUNG CHURCH
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month – SUNDAY SCHOOL
  • 4th Sunday of the Month – YOUNG CHURCH
  • 5th Sunday of the Month – FAMILY SERVICE
    All our 10.00am Services are really child friendly… we would love to see you there.
    Toys and books are available.
    We have drinks and biscuits (sometimes cake !) after the Service with plenty of friendly chat.
Nativity 2008
Children from the Sunday School perform a Nativity Play at the Family Service held on the 7th December 2008.

We hold a Family Service, which does not include Eucharist, on the 1st Sunday of the Month. This service, which we hope attracts younger family groups, is led by different ‘Teams’ on a rota basis.

On the 5th Sunday there is also a Family Service without Eucharist which is normally led by the vicar.

Sunday School is held on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

On the evening of the 2nd Sunday of the month the Youth Service is led by young people.

Holiday Club is held in August and Messy Church takes place from time to time.

Christingle Service

ChristinglesIn December there is a Christingle Service. This special service, which takes place just before Christmas is an ancient Moravian custom (first held on Christmas Day in 1747) which celebrates the coming of Christmas – families gather together at their local Church and the children are given Christingles.

ChristingleThe Christingle…
The orange represents the World and God’s creation – fruits and sweets on the four cocktail sticks remind us of the seasons of the Earth – the red ribbon represents the Blood of Christ and God’s love for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus – and the candle represents God’s love in sending Jesus “the light of the World” to be with us always.
The Children’s Society introduced the Christingle into the Church of England in 1968.

Christingle Service 24th December 2008
Christingle Service 24th December 2008

Easter Garden

Easter gardenThe Easter Garden is built in St Chad’s Church on Good Friday by the children of Pattingham.

They constructed the Tomb, stone by stone and brought flowers in the colours of red, purple white and blue, the colours of mourning.

At the side of the Tomb is the herb, rosemary for Remembrance. On the Green Hill are three crosses, one for Jesus and two for the thieves.

On Easter Day, the stone is rolled away from the Tomb and bright yellow flowers are placed in the Garden – a sign of celebration.

A white Easter lily stands behind the green hill to symbolise the risen Lord.

The Lord is risen…Alleluia

Photography by Mike Coope