Holiday Club

2023 Holiday Club

St. Chad’s Church Holiday Club 2023 took place on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th August at The Kingswood Trust.

It was led by Frank Steel and Olive Barnett. On each day Frank and Olive were joined by Jill Baker and Morgan who volunteered their time and talents to ensure the children had a fun time! Carla and Jude from The Kingswood Team worked with the children having fun bug hunting, camp fire and den building, pond dipping and caring for animals.

Thanks to Alan Smith and Olive Barnett co-ordinating all the bookings. The event was well planned and the children loved it!

Bug hunt
Caring for an animal

2023 Easter Holiday Club

The Holiday Club which was to be held in the Easter Holiday was postponed.

2022 Holiday Club

The St Chad’s Church Holiday Club took place from 10am to 3pm at the Kingswood Activity Centre from Monday, August 22 to Wednesday, August 24 and was attended by 32 youngsters.

An article which appeared in the October Parish News magazine and other photographs can be found here.

The 2020 and 2021 Holiday Clubs did not take place due to the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

For many years until 2019 Holiday Club took place in the church each August. Reports and photographs about some of those can be found from the links below.

Holiday club takes place during the school summer holiday. It is for children aged from 4 to 11 and lasts for three days and follows a theme.

The children learn a song that goes with the Holiday club theme for that year. The children are split into age groups and make lots of fun craft activities that are relevant to the bible stories they learn over the three days. They get to take home what they have made at the end of the three days.  Each group are assigned a group leader an assistant leader and there are lots of other helpers floating around to help with the all the groups.

The children are given a workbook to work through that is based on that year’s theme which they also get to keep and take home.

The children have refreshment breaks during the day. The children bring a pack lunch and we all get to eat together, they then have time to run of some energy outside.

Some of the helper volunteers also act out drama plays for the children to watch. The children really enjoy this (Secretly I think the adults love the acting more).

The 2019 Holiday Club took place from Tuesday 20th to Thursday 24th August. The theme was “Roll up for the Circus”. For details and photos see here.

The 2018 Holiday Club took place from Tuesday, 21st to Thursday 23rd August. Its theme was “Team Builders”. For details and photos see here.

Details and photos of the 2017 Holiday Club can be seen here.

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