Sunday School on the Web

Sunday School normally meets on the third Sunday of the month. In these times of lockdown we can’t meet in person so there are other options. Our Sunday School was online in April and May and those can be found towards the bottom of this page.

As an alternative to our own Sunday School we invite you to try Virtual Sunday School, which is a YouTube channel started by the Spring Harvest Organisation during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak when children and families cannot attend Church physically. It includes the sort of high energy presentation which young children seem to enjoy.

Previously a new Sunday School video came out every Saturday but they are now every other week. The latest edition is below.

Introduction to Paul & Virtual Holiday Club

There is a Virtual Holiday Club from 9th to 13th August. Find details here.

During December there was a Virtual Advent Calendar with a new video every day until Christmas Eve. They are all still on the Virtual Sunday School YouTube channel.

A Virtual Holiday Club was held from 3rd to 7th August 2020. Those videos can be found here.

Previous Virtual Sunday School videos can be found below as well as on the Virtual Sunday School YouTube channel.

31st July 2021

Parable of the Good Samaritan + a game & a challenge!

24th July 2021

Jesus heals a deaf and mute man + we meet the cast of the VHC dramas!

17th July 2021

Parable of the Good Samaritan + a game & a challenge!

3rd July 2021

Parable of the Sheep & Goats + a visit to the farm!

19th June 2021

Father’s Day! Fathers of the Bible + some special little guests!

5th June 2021

The Wise and Foolish Builders + the sandcastle challenge!

22nd May 2021

Pentecost – What is the Holy Spirit?

8th May 2021

Feeding of the 5000 + Virtual Holiday Club Theme.

24th April 2021

The Lord’s Prayer + The Bread Quiz!

10th April 2021


3rd April 2021

Happy Easter! Epic Egg Rolling Competition

27th March 2021

Palm Sunday Special, with Rob, Jordan and a Couple of Donkeys!

20th March 2021

It’s our Birthday! Don’t Hide Your Light!

13th March 2021

Meet our new BABY! Mother’s Day Special with Ruth & Naomi Nappies

6th March 2021

The Tower of Babel! Featuring the Accent Challenge and YOUR Prayers!

27th February 2021

The Greatest Commandment Challenge! And Beth’s Prayer Walk

20th February 2021

The Lost Coin! Ft. Beth’s Shark & Noir Rob

13th February 2021

Lent! What Even Is It? (Plus A New VSS Friend!)

6th February 2021

Abraham & Sarah and the Don’t Laugh Challenge!

30th January 2021

Let’s Get BIBLICAL – Virtual Sunday School Gameshow!

23rd January 2021

Rahab and The Spies plus the I Spy Prayer!

16th January 2021

Adam & Eve – PLUS The Toddler Temptation Challenge!

9th January 2021

Saul’s Conversion & The Blindfold Drawing Challenge

There was no Virtual Sunday School on 2nd January 2021

26th December 2020

The Wise Men – Goodbye 2020

20th December 2020

Virtual Sunday School Nativity Part 3

13th December 2020

Virtual Sunday School Nativity Part 2

6th December 2020

Virtual Sunday School Nativity Part 1

28th November 2020

Don’t Worry! Feat. Game – Suspended Fear Splash

7th November 2020

Remembrance Sunday & Woodbine Willie (Hero of the faith)

31st October 2020

How well do you know THE BIBLE?

24th October 2020

Halloween: Our God is BIGGER – Rob & Jordan Epic Pumpkin Carving

17th October 2020

Rob plays with fire! 😲 Moses & the burning bush

10th October 2020

Jairus’ Daughter (which doesn’t involve dinosaurs!)

3rd October 2020

We made bread! Celebrating harvest & being thankful!

26th September 2020

Hero of the Faith: Elisabeth Elliot

19th September 2020

The 10 Commandments!

12th September 2020

The Widow’s Offering & a generous Grandad

5th September 2020

Baby Moses & a trip to the river!

29th August 2020

John the Baptist and the locust eating challenge!

22nd August 2020

Noah’s Ark, Jordan’s trip to the zoo & Origami!

15th August 2020

The Parable of the Talents – Using what God has given you!

8th August 2020

The Armour of God – Virtual Holiday Club Wrap Up

1st August 2020

Mistakes & Outtakes – Doing Your BEST for God!

25th July 2020

Fruits of the Spirit & the apple bobbing challenge!

18th July 2020

Lost & Found: The Parable of The Lost Sheep

11th July 2020

Walking on the Water & how to make jelly!

4th July 2020

David & Goliath – how to make a slingshot!

27th June 2020

Mary & Martha, & the multi-tasking challenge!

20th June 2020

God the FATHER – The Prodigal Son & the BIBLE CHALLENGE!

13th June 2020

Jonah & the BIG FISH in the bathroom + 2 EXCITING announcements!

6th June 2020

The Body of Christ – Celebrating Diversity – (1 Cor 12)

30th May 2020


23rd May 2020

The Great Commission – RETURN OF THE GIRAFFES!

16th May 2020

Fort-Building & the Psalms – God is our fortress! (Psalm 18:2)

9th May 2020

Jesus the Healer – Jesus Heals an Official’s Son

2nd May 2020

Hero of the Faith: Eric Liddell

25th April 2020

David, the future King! And a shed-load of Robs!

18th April 2020

Paul & Silas in Prison!

11th April 2020

Virtual Sunday school EASTER Special!

4th April 2020

The Joy of Palm Sunday – The Triumphal Entry

28th March 2020

The Last Supper & A Lot of Giraffes!

19th March 2020

Daniel & The Lion’s Den

There is other material on the Virtual Sunday School YouTube channel, including songs and other information.

Pattingham Sunday School Online

The second Sunday School Online, which is for Sunday 17th May, is led by our Sunday School Leader from her home with her children. It is about “The Spirit beside us” from John 14.15-21. It is available below.

If you want to join in the activities you will need paper, scissors, glue, and colouring pencils, crayons or felts. If you would like the templates please email Anna on

The first Sunday School Online was led by our Sunday School Leader from her home with her children. It was for Sunday 19th April and is available below.

Those who would normally be at Sunday School were able to watch from home.

The Resources for Children, Young People and Families page has links to things which will be of particular interest for children, young people and families.