Church Electoral Roll

Membership of the Church Electoral Roll is open to baptised members of the Church of England or of a church in communion with the Church of England who are at least 16 years old and are either resident in the parish or have habitually attended worship in the parish within the previous six months.

Only those on the roll are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church meeting.

A new roll is prepared every six years and those on the previous roll need to apply again if they wish to be on the new roll. The last new roll was prepared in 2019. It is revised every year when new names can be added and those who have died or moved away can be removed.

The Electoral Roll Officer is

Michelle Pass, Church View Barn, Westbeech Farm, Westbeech Road, Pattingham. WV6 7HF–telephone 01902 700466 – email:

To download a copy of an application form click here.

To be able to vote at the 2023 APCM the completed application must be received by Sunday 30th April.