ChadNet – no 17

ChadNet – no 17 – Sunday 19th July 2020

ChadNet - the eBulletin of St Chad's Church, Pattingham
        with Patshull

Welcome to the 17th edition of ChadNet – the eBulletin of St Chad’s Church, Pattingham with Patshull.

View from the Vicarage:

Maureen Hoobs

How are you doing? Getting out and about a bit more? Or still opting to remain safely at home? And have you got used to picking up your facemask when you leave the house? Wearing a mask is something we will have to get used to – not for our sake, but for the sake of everyone else… remember “love your neighbour as yourself?” It isn’t compulsory to wear one in church of course, but you are strongly encouraged to do so – other than at the moment of communion. And at that point I will be wearing both mask and visor.

There is no right or wrong answer to whether we venture out or stay home – it’s not a trick question! And the ‘right’ answer will be different for each one of us I suspect.

But it was lovely to be able to welcome even a few people back into St Chad’s last week and to celebrate communion together – even if it looks a bit different to how we remember it.

And it was also lovely to have our organ being played again in church – even though, as yet, we are not allowed to sing hymns together. (if anyone wonders why a single professional singer is allowed to perform in some places, it is all to do with breath control… professional, trained singers do not ‘waste’ as much breath – and therefore potentially harmful droplets controlling the virus – as do amateurs). Well that is the theory anyway… (don’t shoot the messenger!)

Do we have any further volunteers to help with Church sitting on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon please? I am very grateful to those people who have offered their time so far – which has enabled us to be open for private prayer for the past three weeks and which has I know been appreciated, but I would like to ‘spread the load’ a bit and not to have to rely on the same few folk. So if you could lend a hand and a couple of hours, please let me know asap.

Our School, like those around the country, is now officially on holiday so I wish a good and restorative rest to pupils and staff alike – you certainly deserve it, having battled with such strange learning conditions for the last term and a half.

And I too will be taking a short break in a week or so – I imagine that ChadNet will continue next week –but I am not sure about August – we may reduce the frequency a bit to allow for holidays etc.

In the meantime, here is a little saying from one of my favourite spiritual writers but one I have not quoted in a long time, Anthony de Mello….

Love is not like a loaf of bread. If I give a chunk of the loaf to you, I have less to offer to others. Love is like Eucharistic bread: I receive the whole Christ – and so do you; and the next person; and the next…

You can love your parents with your whole heart; and your spouse; and every one of your children. And the wonder is that each stands to gain because love improves in quality each time the heart is given to another person…

If a friend loves you alone and no one else, you would be wise to urge him or her to give their heart to others for, unless they do this, it is a feeble (and hungry!) heart he offers you.



Maureen can be contacted by phone, text or email. (01902 700257 – 07812 805371 – )

Contact details for other church officers can be found on the Contacts page of the church website.

Communications in relation to ChadNet should be sent to

Sunday 12th July – 5th Sunday after Trinity

The Worship on the Web service will be led by Maureen and will be on the theme “Waiting and weeding/ Testing and tracing? How can we be certain?”. It will be screened in church as the main part of the service at 10 am. This will be followed by a brief service of Holy Communion for those who wish to stay.
The Worship on the Web service will also be available as usual on the Worship on the Web page of the website from 10 am. For those without internet access it will also be on the Dial a Service phone line (01902 906585) from 9 am – until then last Sunday’s service is on the phone line.

Join Maureen and other members of the congregation for a chat and a virtual cup of tea or coffee over Zoom from 11.15 am. [The invitation to the Zoom meeting is only included in the edition of ChadNet which is emailed to subscribers.] You can join at any time up until 11.40 am.

The collect and readings for the Eucharist, which would normally be on the pewsheet, are available on the website.

During the week Maureen will continue to stream Morning Prayer and Compline (Night Prayer) on Facebook Live. Morning Prayer will be at 8.30 am and Compline will be at 9.30 pm.

The church will be open for private prayer from 2.30 to 4.30 pm on Tuesday and Friday.

Sunday 26th July – 7th Sunday after Trinity

The Worship on the Web service will be led by Ken. It will be an Iona style service on the theme “Individuals can make a difference” and will include a brief history with pictures of Iona.  It will be screened in church as the main part of the service at 10 am. It will also be on the Worship on the Web page of the website from 10 am.

The collect and readings for the Eucharist, which would normally be on the pewsheet, are available on the website.

From the Memorial Book

Those whose anniversaries occur between 12th and 26th July.

Jennifer Anne Baxter – 14th July 2007
Henry Charles Peever – 15th July 1991
Charles Herbert James Gosling – 16th July 1989
Florence Gladys Roberts – 17th July 1998
George Derek Thomason    21 July 1990
Agnes Victoria Louise Fellows    23 July 1992

For those without internet access – listen to a Pattingham church service by phone

Several members of our congregation who do not use the internet are using the dedicated phone number – 01902 906585 – to listen to our services. Calls are charged at normal rate. The service for each Sunday will be available from about 9 am and will continue to be available until it is replaced be the next week’s. If you know someone who might find it useful please let them know.

The Daily Hope phone line from the Church of England on 0800 804 8044 is also available. It has been announced that this will continue beyond lockdown and has now received 173,000 calls from over 37,000 people – with calls topping more than two million minutes. (As a matter of interest our phone line has received 195 calls totalling over 3,000 minutes. Ours will also continue as long as it is needed.)

Virtual Sunday School

In the absence of our own Sunday School we encourage children and families to look at the Virtual Sunday School YouTube channel. A new Sunday School video comes out each Saturday. This week’s is Lost & Found: The Parable of The Lost Sheep.

They can all be found on the Sunday School on the Web page of our website as well as on YouTube.

They are running a Virtual Holiday Club fro 3rd to 7th August. There are details here – Virtual Holiday Club – All you need to know!

Other resources for worship and prayer at home

In these times we are all needing to find different ways to pray and worship. There are a lot of different resources which have been made available in lots of different ways. Some of those are listed on the Resources Available Online page of the website. This not anything like a complete list of everything which is available. We also now have a Resources Available for Children, Young People and Families page.

Maureen often shares inspirational posts on the Church Facebook page so it is worth looking at that from time to time.

Time to Pray is a free app for smartphones and tablets from Church House Publications. It presents everything you need for Prayer During the Day, with variations according to the day of the week and the season of the Church’s year. It is also available as a podcast. Find out more at

If you have found something which you have found useful please send the details to so that it can be shared with others.


This bulletin is sent to those who have requested it. We now have 79 subscribers but there may still  be some people who are not aware of it and would wish to receive it. If you know of anyone who might be interested please tell them about it and ask them to sign up using the form on the website ( or by email to

Giving to the church

In the current circumstances there will inevitably be a reduction in the money which the church receives. However we will need to continue to pay our bills and we would ask that those who can afford to do so should continue to give regularly.

As we are now starting to hold services again it is possible to put money in the plate again. However with the current problems surrounding handling cash we would prefer that you consider one of the other ways of giving your offertory if you can. There are a number of other ways in which you can give to the church. These include the Giving Direct scheme, Just Giving, a standing order or even one off transfers to the church bank account. Details of all of these can be found on the Giving page of the website. Those who normally use the green or yellow envelopes may wish to continue to put their donations in the envelopes ready to bring to church when they are able to come to a service.

We have set up a JustGiving page to enable people to make one off donations. It’s at You will be asked if you want to make a contribution on top of your donation. If you do it will go to JustGiving and not to charity. If you do not want to make such a contribution select “other”. If you are a taxpayer please consider gift aiding your donation.

If you wish to make a payment by bank transfer the details of our bank account are: Account name: Pattingham Parochial Church Council – Sort Code: 20-97-78 – A/c No: 50655023. If you wish to gift aid it contact the Gift Aid Secretary or the Treasurer.

You can also now give by text.
Text PATT 5 to 70085 to donate £5 – texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message.

You can donate any number of pounds between £1 and £20. Just replace the 5 by the amount you want to give.

For a regular monthly donation text PATTREG 5 to 70085 to donate £5 per month – texts cost £5 plus two standard rate messages.Again you can donate any number of pounds between £1 and £20. Just replace the 5 by the monthly amount you want to give. Donors receive a receipt message every time they donate – this tells them how to cancel their donation should they wish – which is by texting STOP to 70085 at any time.

Changes due to the current situation

Although the church building is closed for public worship the church community remains active. Further details can be found on the church website. There is an update page which gives more information.

  • The 2020 Scarecrow Festival has been postponed to 2021.
  • This year’s Holiday Club has been cancelled.
  • The Who’s for Lunch lunches are suspended for the time being.

The weekly bulletin for each Sunday will normally be sent on the preceding Friday or Saturday. Additional bulletins may be sent if required. It is only being sent to those who have requested it. If you know of anyone who might be interested please tell them about it and ask them to sign up using the form on the website ( or by email to

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