ChadNet – no 208

ChadNet – no 208 – Sunday 17th March 2024

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In this week’s ChadNet:

View from the Pews

Keith Barnett

During the Lenten period I have been wondering about the origin and meaning of the word “Lent” as it does not seem to appear in any dictionary other than its religious context.

It appears to stem from an Old English word “lecten” meaning strength, which is appropriate; and in so far as the period of 40 days is concerned, I then discovered the significance of this figure in the Bible viz:
    • Noah’s flood lasted 40 days.
    • Moses spent 40 days on the mountain awaiting the Ten Commandments.
    • Elijah spent 40 days on his journey to Mt Sinai.
    • Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, leading to his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.
    • The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness before Canaan.
    • The Israelite spies spent 40 days in Canaan.

Not finding the exact information I sought, my mind turned to my early days in The Salvation Army, and whilst not being an active member for many years, I do remember that the S.A.  does not refer to Lent as such, but calls this period “Self Denial”, which I think is both apt and self-evident. Then, again, the mind wandered. I considered other S.A. phrases which, whilst quite logical, might well sound quaint to non-S.A. members and thought the etymology of some of these might be interesting to know, as each has an appropriate meaning for the Christian, e.g:
    • “The Mercy Seat” is a direct reference from the Bible and is akin to the Confessional Box in the R.C. Church.
    • “Trophy of Grace” referred to someone taken “from the guttermost to the uttermost”. I was privileged to know a man who personified this expression; a former “drunkard” – again a NT expression – who would habitually spend his week’s wages in the pub on a Saturday night, then go home and literally attack his wife. After his “conversion” all that changed and he and his family became committed Christians. “Glory, Hallelujah”.
    • When a “Salvationist” dies, they are not said to be dead, but “Promoted to Glory”, meaning they are leaving this life for a better place. For this reason, the flag is not draped in black but white ribbons are attached signifying joy rather than sorrow. That is the joy of the departed entering Heaven without denying the sorrow of those left behind.
    • The term “Baptism” is not used, instead the service is of “Dedication” whereby the parents “dedicate” and offer the child back to God. 

Sadly the S.A. in England, like the CofE, is in decline numerically but still united in their mission of caring and supporting their local communities (though this was not always the case. When in the late 1800s a senior Bishop complained that “if this man – Wm Booth – keeps taking girls off the street, from where will we get our domestic servants?”)  An understandable question perhaps, given the S.A started amongst the poorest and most underprivileged in London’s East End, but fortunately a much more enlightened view now pervades and “we are marching on together in the ranks of truth”.

How I got to S.A phraseology from looking for the definition of Lent I don’t know, but I hope these random thoughts might be of some interest.

Keith Barnett

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Sunday 17th March – Fifth Sunday of Lent

At 10 am there will be a service led by the Youth Group, with the title “What can you do?“, in church.This will be followed by a short service of Holy Communion, led by Revd Lin Vawer, to which you are all most welcome. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be available after the service.

During the service certificates will be presented to those who attended the recent Young Responders course and the winners of the art competition to design the cover of the Easter card will receive their prizes. Many of the competition entries will be on display.

In the Parish Prayer Diary we pray for:
Those who live and work in: The Greenway, The Square, High Path, Green Close.

In the Trysull Deanery Prayer Diary we pray for:
Holy Cross Bilbrook.

This week

The church will be open every day. Look out for the “church open” sign outside the porch.

Contractors are continuing work on various repairs and work to the church this week. The contractors will be working in and around the church. The church and churchyard will remain open but please take care while using them. Access to the toilets will be kept unlocked. See below for more details.

On Monday at 7.30 pm the last session of the Lent Course “Act on Poverty” takes place in The Loft. More details below.

On Tuesday Prayers for Peace will be said in church at 6 pm. Please do join us and if you would like more information or are willing to lead a session, please contact Mary Hayward ().

On Tuesday evening there is a PCC meeting in church.

On Wednesday at 10.00 am there will be a service of Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer, led by Revd Paul Brown, in church which will be followed by tea, coffee and cake.

After the service the church will be open from 10.30 am until at least 11.00 am as a Place of Welcome when anyone who wants to will be welcome to share in the coffee, cake and chat, whether they have been to the service or not. Those attending will receive a warm welcome.

On Wednesday at 6 pm the Pattingham Shower Singers meet in church. All are welcome – just come and sing and have fun! If you need more information, contact Alix at .

At 7 pm on Wednesday Choir Practice takes place in church. Anyone interested in joining the choir should contact any member of the choir.

At 9.30 am on Thursday the school end of term service takes place in church.

On Thursday at 10.30 am the repeat of the last session of the Lent Course “Act on Poverty” takes place at Christ Church, Tettenhall Wood. More details below.

On Thursday at 12.30 pm there is a Lent Lunch at the home of Sue Stirk. If you are attending please sign up on the sheet at the back of the church.

Sunday 24th March – Palm Sunday

At 10 am there will be aservice of Holy Communion, led by Revd Paul Brown, in church. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be available after the service.

At 6.30 pm there will be a Service in the Iona style, led by Ken Scott, in church.

In the Parish Prayer Diary we pray for:
Those who live and work in: Dartmouth Avenue, Marlbrook Lane, Chesterton Road, West End Gardens, Copley Lane.

In the Trysull Deanery Prayer Diary we pray for:
Holy Week Services across the Deanery.

Disposal of old screen

We are in the process of refurbishing the West door at the back of the church so it can be used in connection with funeral and wedding services and help to keep our heating costs down. The decorative screen in front of the door has been dismantled and will be disposed of by the end of March. The PCC has decided to make the timber available to those who feel they can make use of it before then in return for a donation to church funds. If anyone is interested, please speak to one of the churchwardens.

The contractors are continuing to work in the church.

Lent and Easter

Lent Lunches

The second Lent Lunch will be held at 12.30 pm on Thursday 21st March (at the home of Sue Stirk). There is a sign up sheet at the back of the church.

Lent course

The Lent Course shared with Tettenhall Wood on the theme “Act on Poverty” is continuing.

  • Monday Evenings, 7.30pm, St Chad’s, Pattingham
  • Thursday Mornings, 10.30am, Christ Church, Tettenhall Wood
  • Also available online:

Holy Week

There will be the usual services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

  • Maundy Thursday (28th March)
    • 7.30 pm – Holy Communion and stripping of the altars
  • Good Friday (29th March)
    • 10.00 am – Building the Easter Garden – service for children and families – followed by an Egg Hunt.
    • 2.00 pm – Good Friday devotional service

Easter Day

In addition to the Communion Service at 10.00 am there will be a service of Evensong at 6.30 pm.

The Well – the Wolverhampton Food Bank

The Well Easter Egg Appeal

With Easter just around the corner, the Well food bank is excited to announce its Easter Egg Appeal! They are reaching out to you to ask for your help in bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

The Well is dedicated to meeting practical needs and showing love to those who need it most. This Easter offers the chance to spread joy and cheer by giving out chocolate eggs to those who may not have the opportunity to indulge in this special treat. The Well would be so grateful if you could help by donating chocolate eggs. Every single egg counts and together we can make a real difference. So, whether you can spare one egg or a whole basket, your kindness and selflessness can contribute to the Easter Egg Appeal.

If you wish to donate please can you drop off your donations at the rear of the church and rest assured that they will go to someone in need. It would be appreciated it if you could make your donation by Sunday 17th March.

Thank you for your support and generosity. It is only through coming together as a community that we can make a real impact and bring happiness to those who need it most.

Alan Smith

Dementia Friendly Church

Weekly Prayer

Becoming Dementia Friendly Church 2023-24

Shepherd Of My Path

So I have dementia.  Give me grace to accept this as part of the pattern of my life and that of many others.  May I enjoy the present moment and all the life I have yet to live.
Grant me the humility to accept the assistance I will need.  I give you gratitude for all those I am finding who so readily offer that help.
Lord, you walked an unwelcome path you feared into a dark unknown.  It took greater courage than mine to do that willingly.  In my darkening path, take me by the hand and share your courage with me.

(Prayers for Dementia and how to live well with it. Fay Sampson)

If you would like to suggest (or write) a prayer for inclusion in this series please let Tracey Williams, our Dementia Friendly Church Co-ordinator, know.

Dementia Friendly Songs of Praise

A Dementia Friendly Songs of Praise is being held at Lichfield Cathedral on Tuesday 23rd April – the service is 10.45 until 11.30 and will be filmed by the BBC for Songs of Praise. Tony Christie will be joining the choir. The details can be found on a poster that is on the Dementia Notice Board and on the Dementia Friendly Church page of the church website at <>.
Canon David Primrose would like you to register your interest and to receive further details by contacting him: or 07946 222667.

From the Memorial Book

Those whose anniversaries occur between 10th and 24th March.

Anthony John Harley – 11th March 1997
Gordon Francis Thomas – 12th March 1992
Dennis William Lovering – 12th March 2012
Emily Margaret Ada Pugh – 13th March 1991
Ronald Lacey – 13th March 1998
Arthur John Rogers – 14th March 2005
Hilda Northern – 15th March 1997
Thomas William Roberts – 17th March 1973
James Keith Bradshaw – 17th March 2006
Lilian Ross Beach – 17th March 2006
Phyllis Alice Wood – 18th March 2016
Ronald Arthur Painting – 20th March 1980
Olive Harris – 20th March 1990
David Spencer Haddock – 21st March 1996
Leslie Thomas Price – 21st March 1997
Dennis David Cave – 23rd March 2017
Geoffrey Warrilow – 24th March 1956

You can see all the pages of the Memorial Book on the Memorial Book Online page of the Church website.

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