ChadNet – no 46

ChadNet – no 46 – Sunday 7th February 2021

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Welcome to this week’s edition of ChadNet – the eBulletin of St Chad’s Church, Pattingham with Patshull.

In this week’s ChadNet:

There are no services in church for the time being but the church remains open for private prayer and Worship on the Web continues online.

There will be a Zoom coffee session from 10.45 am on Sunday morning. Details can be found below.

View from the Pews

Dorothy Steel

I was thinking about a kindness I had received from a stranger and giving thanks in my prayers for their goodness.

It made me think about the record in the Gospel of Matthew, (Ch 20 v 37-39), telling us about the first two commandments;  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind” and  “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”.

This for me encapsulates the challenge and opportunity and joy of being a Christian. It is not just about our beautiful church building, the church bells calling us to worship, the music emanating from the church and the gift of being able to worship and take communion together as a congregation. It is about loving God and showing that love in what we do.

This terrible pandemic has brought huge threats to our physical health, our socialising and our sense of wellbeing, it has brought misery and suffering, anxiety and doubt. At the same time, it has provoked a response from individuals and the whole of society to care and to show we care and to do things differently and change. So, if you are “stuck” at home feeling frustrated and isolated, perhaps now is quite a dark time. A time to remember that in the Gospel of John (Ch 1 v 5) we are told “ The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out”. So, perhaps now is also the time when we can find ourselves in prayer.

I rely on our familiar “The Lord’s Prayer” to begin my conversation and meditation with God, but recently I have been working on the Shaping for Mission group for our Trysull Deanery and we have been given a new “Shaping for Mission Prayer” which I have been using and I want to share with you today:

Shaping for Mission Prayer
Generous God
You have provided for your people in every generation.
In our faithlessness you remained steadfast.
In our obsession with scarcity you provided abundance.
In our anxiety you offered us freedom from fear.
In our despair you gave us hope.
We receive your gifts, believe your promises and trust you for the future.
May we cease trying to fix the church and join with you in loving your world.
May we hear your call to fullness of life and share it with others.
May we be shaped by the Good News of Jesus, the light of the world
And may we seek your kingdom as People of Hope.  Amen.

The Shaping for Mission group is looking at how in our Deanery we can grow as Christians, continuing our journey and work in the light of Christ making best use of our shared resources. If you would like to know more about the “Shaping for Mission” work please see further down.

Stay safe and let us all pray for each other.

Dorothy Steel


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Sunday 7th February – 2nd Sunday before Lent

There will be no service in church. The Worship on the Web service is led by Maureen and celebrates Candlemas, which was last Tuesday.  During the service there will be an opportunity to light a candle so you may wish to have one or more candles to hand. It will be on the Worship on the Web page of the website from 10.00 am. For those without internet access it will also be on the Dial a Service phone line (01902 906585) from 9 am – until then last Sunday’s service is on the phone line.

Join Maureen and other members of the congregation for a chat and a virtual cup of tea or coffee over Zoom from 10.45 am. [The invitation to the Zoom meeting is only included in the edition of ChadNet which is emailed to subscribers.] You can join at any time up until 11.15 am.

Until Palm Sunday the diocese is providing sermons for parishes to use. This week’s preacher is Revd Preb Terry Bloor, the Associate Archdeacon of Stoke-upon-Trent. The sermon can be found on YouTube at

The collect and readings for the Eucharist, which would normally be on the pewsheet, are available on the website.

This week

During the week Maureen (or occasionally Ken) will stream Morning Prayer and Compline (Night Prayer) on Facebook Live. Morning Prayer will be at 8.30 am and Compline will be at 9.30 pm (there will be no Compline on Friday).

The Archbishops invite us to continue to Pray for the Nation particularly at 6pm each day. Find out more at

The church will be open for private prayer every day. The times may vary depending when the keyholders are able to open and close the church. Look out for the “church open” sign outside the porch. Please observe the instructions in the notice on the door, which include the need to wear a face covering, using hand sanitiser and not going into the church if someine else is already in there.

There will be a PCC meeting by Zoom on Tuesday evening.

There will be no service on Wednesday.

Sunday 14th February – Sunday next before Lent

There will be no service in church. The Worship on the Web service will be a led by the Youth Group. It will be available on the Worship on the Web page of the website from 10 am.

The collect and readings for the Eucharist, which would normally be on the pewsheet, are available on the website.

Ash Wednesday

Ash cross

Lent will soon be upon us and starts with Ash Wednesday on 17th February.

Normally I would have offered the imposition of ashes at our services at both 10 am and 7.30pm. Sadly, that’s just not possible this year.

I will be providing some worship on line that day, and to replace the ashes, I plan to give away some cards, marked with an ash cross and with some accompanying prayers. These will be available from the church porch, but if you are unable to collect, please email or phone me and I will post one to you.


Sale of pews

The PCC has been given permission to sell 9 free standing pews which are no longer required and is inviting sealed bids from those who are interesting in buying one or more of them. We are required to obtain a fair price for them and the Archdeacon has to approve the price before a sale can take place.

Full details of the pews and the process can be found on the church website at

The closing date for bids is Monday 22nd February. Enquiries should be directed to Gena Richards on 01902 700188. Please note that in the article in the magazine Gena’s address is incorrect. It should be 10 Westbeech Road, Pattingham WV6 7AQ

Funeral of Patty Jones

There will be a live webcast of Patty’s Funeral on Monday at 12.30 pm.
The website address is
Username: Mizi8995
Password: 471246

The live webcast will start about 5 minutes before the service start time. You can log in at any time to view a test connection. After a few days it will be available as a Watch Again for 28 days.

Shaping for Mission

Here is more about the “Shaping for Mission” work for those who are interested.

Shaping for Mission, is the process happening now across Lichfield Diocese to strengthen our life of discipleship, vocation and evangelism while facing a significant reduction in financial income.

Each deanery is very different, and the vision for sustainable mission will belong to that Deanery and will reflect God’s call for developing discipleship, encouraging vocation and inspiring evangelism in that context.

The first phase of Shaping for Mission, in which the deanery teams carry out a review, will take place during winter 2020 – 21. The second phase, discerning a vision for the deanery will take place in Spring 2021.  By summer 2021 we hope that each deanery will have discerned a vision outlining their priorities and vocation as a deanery. The third phase will begin in summer 2021 when deaneries, Bishops’ Senior Staff and Area Mission and Pastoral Committees will together begin the process of translating the vision into action and aligning resources accordingly.

If you would like any more information about Shaping for Mission please contact me, Dorothy Steel:
(email: )

From the Memorial Book

Those whose anniversaries occur between 31st January and 14th February.

Norman Bartlett – 31st January 2003
John Stuart Hague – 1st February 2010
Sean Peter Mark Lingford – 2nd February 1995
William Ritchie Farquharson – 2nd February 2007
William John Evans – 2nd February 2010
Gordon Kennedy Morrison – 2nd February 2016
Nigel Martin William Vaughan – 4th February 2000
Beville Bentley – 7th February 1999
David Stephen Patrick – 8th February 2008
Brian William Broxton – 8th February 2011
James Christopher Maclean – 11th February 2009
Margaret Watton – 11th February 2020
Ida Annie Knight – 13th February 2002
Patrick Curtis – 14th February 1959
Harold Taylor – 14th February 1976

You can see all the pages of the Memorial Book on the Memorial Book Online page of the Church website.

For those without internet access – listen to a Pattingham church service by phone

Several members of our congregation who do not use the internet are using the dedicated phone number – 01902 906585 – to listen to our services. Calls are charged at normal rate. The service for each Sunday will be available from about 9 am and will continue to be available until it is replaced be the next week’s. If you know someone who might find it useful please let them know.

The Daily Hope phone line from the Church of England on 0800 804 8044 is also available.

Resources for worship and prayer at home

Some of resources which can be used at home are listed on the Resources Available Online and the Resources Available for Children, Young People and Families pages of the website.

In the absence of our own Sunday School we encourage children and families to look at the Virtual Sunday School YouTube channel. A new Sunday School video normally comes out each Saturday. This week’s is Abraham & Sarah and the Don’t Laugh Challenge!

They can all be found on the Sunday School on the Web page of our website as well as on YouTube.


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Giving to the church

In the current circumstances there will inevitably be a reduction in the money which the church receives. However we will need to continue to pay our bills and we would ask that those who can afford to do so should continue to give regularly. Details of the various ways in which you can give can be found on the Giving page of the website.

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