The Church in Pattingham with Patshull relies on the gifts and donations it receives to carry on its mission in the Parish and beyond. Details about the church’s finances can be found here.

There are a number of ways in which you can give to the church.

How to give

Many people find it helpful to decide how much they wish to give per week or month rather than simply giving something when they attend church. For these people a system which helps them to give regularly, or put the money aside regularly, helps them.

Of course the easiest way is simply to put a gift in the collection when you attend church. However there are a number of other options which have advantages both for the church and the giver.

For those who pay income tax or capital gains tax the church can claim from the government an extra 25% if their giving is gift aided. If they pay higher rate tax (40% or 45%) then their own tax bill will also be reduced by at least 25% of the amount they gave if the relevant part of their tax return is completed.

These are the main methods of planned and/or gift aided giving which we operate.

  • Direct debit through the Giving Direct Scheme
  • Bank standing order
    • Regular payments which may, but need not, be gift aided. For a form please contact the Gift Aid Secretary or the Treasurer.
  • Bank transfer
    • You can make a bank transfer to our bank account (Account name: Pattingham Parochial Church Council – Sort Code: 20-97-78 Account No: 50655023). If you wish to gift aid it contact the Gift Aid Secretary or the Treasurer.
  • Regular giving envelopes (yellow)
    • Giving through a supply of numbered envelopes which may, but need not, be gift aided. It does not need to be a regular or specific amount. For a supply of envelopes please contact the Gift Aid Secretary.
  • One off gift aid envelopes (green)
    • One off, occasional or regular giving which is gift aided using the green envelopes available in church.
  • JustGiving
    • Use our JustGiving page to make one off donations. You will be asked if you want to make a contribution on top of your donation. If you do it will go to JustGiving and not to charity. If you do not want to make such a contribution select “other”. If you are a taxpayer please consider gift aiding your donation.
  • Text from your mobile phone
    • Text PATT 5 to 70085 to donate £5 – texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message. You can donate any number of pounds between £1 and £20. Just replace the 5 by the amount you want to give.
    • For a regular monthly donation text PATTREG 5 to 70085 to donate £5 per month – texts cost £5 plus two standard rate messages. Again you can donate any number of pounds between £1 and £20. Just replace the 5 by the monthly amount you want to give. Donors receive a receipt message every time they donate – this tells them how to cancel their donation should they wish – which is by texting STOP to 70085 at any time.

There is a fee for the text giving service which means that the church gets only 94% of the donation. At the moment the diocese is covering the costs of JustGiving so the church receives the whole of those donations and for all the other methods above the church will always receive the whole of the donation.

Some more information about Gift Aided giving can be found here.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the Gift Aid Secretary, Graham Tritton, or the Treasurer, Tony Ainsworth, whose details are on the contacts page.