Message from PCC Chairman – February 2024

Philip Sims
Philip Sims

At our services on 11th February I was able to share the outcome of a meeting held the previous Wednesday by the PCC with our Archdeacon and Rural Dean. For those who did not hear me, I outlined that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the prospect of our securing the appointment of a new Vicar.

We all know that Clergy are now free to apply for posts but we were keen to determine whether the Diocese does, on occasions, place them into Parishes. Apparently this is the case but the Archdeacon confirmed that there are no current candidates for Pattingham. We discussed whether we should, yet again, advertise the post and placed on our agenda the issue of our Parish Share as we have no Incumbent, use of the Vicarage and the possibility of our collaboration with another Parish.

We have agreed:

  1. To continue to advertise the post and this will again appear in the Church Times towards the end of the month.
  2. That the Archdeacon will pursue a reduction in our Parish Share to account for the fact that we are in extended interregnum.
  3. That the Archdeacon will prompt the Diocese to let the Vicarage on a 6 month shorthold tenancy. This should allow us sufficient time to achieve vacant possession to accommodate a new Vicar wishing to move in.
  4. That the Archdeacon will consider whether there could be possible Parishes with which we could collaborate and advise us accordingly.

What is evident is that there is little prospect of our attracting a Vicar in the very near future. The positive aspect of this is that we retain the flexibility which we have come to enjoy in our regular worship. The fine array of visiting clergy, our talented Readers and those gifted individuals from our own congregation who lead our worship are all contributing to the variety which is serving us well. I say this advisedly because our worshipping congregation has grown marginally over the last year and we should give thanks to God that we appear to be moving in the right direction, despite the ongoing interregnum. Whilst talking of positive developments, we must also acknowledge the very positive impact which Martin Fox, our new Organist, is having on our services together with his wife Cath, who creates so much atmosphere through the vibrancy and skill of her flute playing.

The PCC also has other plans for the development of our worship but we are inevitably dependent on finding and nurturing additional talent from within our congregation. Whether this is leading worship or serving tea and coffee, acting as Sidespeople, assisting with Communion or joining the PCC, we need to grow our resource and I would plead with each of you to come forward and offer your help. We should no longer rely on others but ask “What more can I do for my Church?”

I do ask that we all pray for the future of our Church as well as our role within it. We are undoubtedly in a good place but we will only truly flourish if we flourish together.

Philip Sims
PCC Chairman