PCC reports

2019 APCM

The Annual Church Meeting took place on Sunday 7th April 2019. Reports on the acivities of the church were received and churchwardens and PCC members were elected. The Annual Report and Financial Statements were not ready for that meeting. They are now available and there will be a further meeting after the morning service on Sunday 15th September at which they can be discussed.

The Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statement is now available at the back of the church and by clicking on the link below.

PCC Annual Report 2018

The other reports which were presented at the meeting in April are also available below.

The reports which were presented to the Annual Parochial Church meetings in the previous years since 2015 are available below.

2018 APCM

2017 APCM

2016 APCM

2015 APCM