PCC reports

2019 APCM

The Annual Church Meeting will take place on Sunday 7th April 2019 at 7.30 pm.

All those who are interested are welcome to attend although there are restrictions on those who are able to vote.

The first part is the meeting for the election of Churchwardens at which we have to elect two Churchwardens. Iain Coleman has come to the end of his term of office so will not be standing again. Gena Richards is prepared to continue. Nomination forms must be received before the start of the meeting. Those nominated must be on the Church Electoral Roll although those on the local government electoral roll as well as those on the Church Electoral Roll can vote.

That is followed by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting at which reports and accounts will be presented and can be discussed and six PCC members will be elected. PCC members are usually elected for 3 years so not all are due to be elected each year. Only three of those who finish their term wish to continue so at least three new members are needed to bring the PCC up to full strength. Only those who are on the Church Electoral Roll may vote or be nominated.

Nomination forms, which include the other requirements which apply are available at the back of the church or can be downloaded here:

The Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statement will not be available until after the date of the meeting. Other reports which are to be presented at the meeting will be available at the back of the church before the meeting and are also available below.

The reports which were presented to the Annual Parochial Church meetings in the previous years since 2015 are available below.

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