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Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 8th December 2020

The PCC’s meeting on 8th December was again held over Zoom.

Mission Giving

The PCC’s practice is to make charitable donations equal to 10 per cent of its voluntary income. In the current circumstances it is right to continue to do so even though we are likely to have a significant deficit at the end of the year.

The following donations were agreed:

  • Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF) £250
  • World Vision £250
  • Us (formerly USPG) £250
  • Christian Aid £250
  • Save the Children £150
  • Embrace the Middle East £250
  • Compton Care £400
  • Staffordshire Historical Churches £100
  • The Haven £200
  • Air Ambulance £100
  • Good Shepherd Ministry, Wolverhampton £300
  • St Chad’s School, Pattingham £200
  • Salvation Army £150
  • Alzheimer’s Society £100
  • RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) £50
  • Compton Care – Café Neuro £100
  • Acorns Children’s Hospice £300
  • Royal British Legion £100
  • Children’s Society £100
  • Bible Society £100
  • Churches Conservation Trust £50
  • TOTAL £3,750

We have already made a donation of £500 to Pioneers Australia so that brings the total for the year to £4,250.

Lady Chapel reordering

The new chairs for the Lady Chapel were due to be (and were) delivered on 15th December and the new Votive Candle Stand should be completed in a few weeks. This will mean that the scheme to reorder the Lady Chapel will be completed just over four and a half years after it was first proposed.

The PCC will now have to arrange for the sale of nine of the loose pews from the church. Three of them are in the Lady Chapel and used to be fixed pews; the other six are smaller moveable pews. All are Victorian and made of oak.

We will need to ensure that we get a fair price for them and the Archdeacon has to approve the price before any sale can take place. Photographs and details of all nine pews are on the Pews for Sale page of this website.

The PCC will decide in January how to try to sell them and it would help to know whether there is any interest from parishioners before making that decision.

If anyone would be interested in offering to buy one or more of the pews please contact Gena Richards.

The West Door and the area by the Adam and Eve window

The proposals for the area by the Adam and Eve window were submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for informal advice. We have now received that advice and will adjust the plans to take account of it before resubmitting them.

We will wait until the committee has considered these plans before submitting the proposals for the West Door.