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Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 19th March 2024

The PCC meeting on 19th March was held in church and among the matters discussed were:

Repairs to the roof

The repairs to the roof of the north aisle have now been completed. This included the installation of terne coated stainless steel to replace the lead which was stolen last year.

West door project

The west door has been refurbished and made as draught proof as possible. The old wooden screen has been removed.

The PCC has decided not to dispose of the old screen yet but to try to use some of the timber for a project in the future and to store it in the meantime.

There is still some work to be done but the improvement made in the appearance of that area is already clear.

Dementia Friendly Church

As part of the process of renewing our Dementia-Friendly Church Certificate for 2024-25 we have agreed an action plan. It includes:

  • Holding a dementia introduction session;
  • Making a prayer from the heart and making it available on prayer cards;
  • Hosting a Saturday afternoon event in church.
  • We look forward to receiving the certificate signed by the bishop.

Christmas Concert and Christmas Tree Festival

There will be a concert by Wombourne Choral Society in church on Saturday, December 7. Details will be available nearer the time but put the date in your diary now.

We are hoping to hold a Christmas Tree Festival again this year. The dates and details will be announced once they have been decided.


It has been found that the flagpole has started to rot near its base. A new fibreglass flagpole has been ordered but until it is installed we are not able to fly a flag from the church tower.

PCC members

The members of the PCC are:
Philip Sims (Chairman), Tony Ainsworth, Iain Coleman, Milly Colin-Stokes, Geoffrey Dann, Henry Ibberson, Clive Pendrell, Alan Smith, Dorothy Steel, Graham Tritton and Tracey Williams.