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Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 9th March 2021

The PCC’s meeting on 9th March was again held over Zoom. Among the items discussed were:

New Vice Chair and Deputy Churchwardens

Philip Sims was elected as Vice Chair of the PCC.

Dorothy Steel has indicated that she is prepared to stand for election as Churchwarden to replace Gena Richards and she has been appointed a Deputy Churchwarden. Henry Ibberson and Philip Sims have also been appointed Deputy Churchwardens.

Sale of Pews

The PCC has accepted bids for two of the nine pews which we are selling and those two pews have been sold. We received bids for three other pews but those bids were too low for us to accept.

A further announcement will be made in due course as to how we will sell the remaining pews.

Annual Report and Annual Meeting

There has been a delay in receiving some necessary financial information from the diocese which may mean that the audited accounts are not ready in time for the Annual Meeting.

We do not intend to delay the Annual Meeting, however, as it is important that the elections of Churchwardens and PCC members should take place well before Maureen’s retirement at the end of May.

The meeting will take place in church after the morning service on Sunday 18th April. If necessary the accounts can be dealt with on a later date.

Trees in the churchyard

Morfe Valley Arboriculture has provided a report on the condition of the trees in the churchyard which recommended that some work be done on some of them. That work will be undertaken over the next few months.

Planning for the Interregnum

You will be able to read elsewhere about the plans which the PCC is making to ensure that we as a church can continue and grow through the interregnum and beyond.