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Snippets from the Annual Church Meeting – 8th May 2022

The Annual Meeting was held on church on Sunday 8th May after the morning service. It was attended by 25 parishioners.

Various reports were presented to the meeting – they are all available on the church website (here).

Clive Pendrell and Dorothy Steel were re-elected as Churchwardens.

Tracey Williams was elected to the PCC and Henry Ibberson and Ken Scott were re-elected. There were no volunteers for any of the remaining five vacancies.

The PCC met immediately after the annual meeting to elect its officers. Geoffrey Dann continues as Secretary, Tony Ainsworth continues as Treasurer and Philip Sims continues as Vice Chair.

Next year’s Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday 21st May 2023.

Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 10th May 2022

The PCC’s meeting on 10th May was held in church. Among the items discussed were:

Replacement for the Bells Run

The last Bells Run took place in 2019 and the PCC has been investigating the possibility of arranging a similar but different run to take its place in future.

Helen O’Donnell had agreed to lead a committee to organise this and she and Tony Ainsworth are in the process of recruiting members of the committee.

Planting trees in the churchyard

The diocese has approved the proposed tree planting in the churchyard, including ten new ones to be planted in the new churchyard extension to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Hopefully they will be planted soon and further information will be available on the church website and in ChadNet.

If anyone would like to contribute to the cost of these trees they would be welcome to do so. Please speak to one of the churchwardens if you would like more information.

Area by the West Door

We have submitted plans to the Diocesan Advisory Committee (which gives advice in such matters) to open up the west end (the back) of the church by removing the wooden screen and the curtain in front of the west door.

The committee has responded to those plans with a suggestion that it may be possible to draught proof the west door so that it would not be necessary to have a screen at all.

Our architect has drawn up some revised plans which have been sent to the DAC and we now