PCC Snippets – March 2020 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 10th March 2020

Among the items discussed at the March meeting of the PCC were:

Mission Action Plan.

The PCC spent a day in February reviewing its progress in achieving the objectives in last year’s Mission Action Plan and considering priorities for the future.

Groups of PCC members are looking at particular areas – worship and prayer, nurture and growth, mission and outreach – before those are all drawn together into a new plan.

It was hoped that this process would be complete by the end of April, although the current issues relating to Covid-19 may delay that.

We have adopted a new mission statement which will underpin all of out plans: “Following Christ in the footsteps of St Chad, by living out our faith; taking the church to the community; and growing the church.”

Places of Welcome network.

Places of Welcome is a growing network of local community groups providing their neighbourhoods with places where all people feel safe to belong, connect and contribute. The Wednesday morning coffee and cakes in church has been registered as a Place of Welcome. Once we are able to resume meeting in church, you will see the signs displayed.

Parish Administrator.

Lesley Jones, who has been our parish administrator for nearly ten years, decided it was time to step back from that role. Sue Lewin has taken on the pewsheets and Michelle Pass has taken over the remainder of the administrator’s duties, including the Electoral Roll.

We are grateful for all the support which Lesley has provided over the years and look forward to working with Sue and Michelle.

Sue’s email for information to go on the pewsheets is . Michelle can be reached at .

Big Church Survey.

The Church of England is planning a survey which was due to take place in May or June, although that date is likely to be put back.

We are going to take part in it and are waiting for the details. It is hoped that it will provide useful information about the types of people who attend church both nationally and locally — and why they attend.


As we were meeting there were suggestions that there might need to be restrictions due to Coronavirus and we discussed some of the things we might need to do.

As we now all know, within a week of the meeting the government had announced Wide-ranging restrictions to try to stem the spread of the virus and the Archbishops had announced the suspension of all public worship. Now the whole country is in Lockdown.

St Chad’s is now closed for all purposes, including personal prayer. We are exploring new ways of using technology to maintain a worshipping presence in the community.