PCC Snippets – September 2021 Meeting

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Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 14th September 2021

The PCC’s meeting on 14th September was held in church. Among the items discussed were:


Since the last meeting we have ceased streaming services online.
It is too soon to see whether that will make any difference to the number of people attending services. However attendance at Sunday services has been steadily increasing over the last few months and those who attend seem to be comfortable. It has been encouraging to see the return of after-service coffee.
Plans are being made for the services in the final three months of the year, which of course includes Christmas. We expect to have the usual services for All Souls, Remembrance Sunday, Christingle and the Carol Service.

  • Commemoration of All Souls: Sunday 31st October at 6.30pm 
  • Remembrance Sunday Service: Sunday 14th November at 10 30am 
  • Christingle service: Sunday 12th December at 4.00 pm 
  • Carol service: Sunday 19th December at 6.30 pm

For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we are hoping to have the usual pattern of services, although the precise details will depend on the availability of priests to take the Communion Services.

 The services are now on the church calendar which can be found on the church website.

 Sidesmen, servers, readers, intercessors and coffee rota.

The rotas until the end of December have been compiled by Peter Nicholls and Elaine Lavender and have been sent to all those involved.

The PCC is very grateful to Peter and Elaine for putting this together, which is not an easy task. It is also grateful to all those who help the worship and mission of our church in these various roles. 

As people move away or are unable to continue, there is an ongoing need for more volunteers to take on these roles so that the load can be shared. If you feel that you would be able to help by taking on one, or more, of these roles – or would just like to find out more – please speak to one of the churchwardens. 

Fabric matters.

The members of the Fabric Committee continue their work to ensure that the church fabric is maintained.

 Much of that work is unseen but it does mean that our church continues in good order. There has been a problem with the lights in the porch, at the lychgate and on the path. It has been found that this is due to a problem with the wiring and arrangements are in hand for that to be replaced. Hopefully, as we move into the darker evenings, we will be able to see our way in and out of church for the evening services.