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We are now in an interregnum following the retirement of the Vicar and so the monthly letter for the Parish News is written by the Churchwardens

Dorothy Steel
Clive Pendrell

June 2021

Welcome to our first Churchwardens’ Chat, written with an intoxicating mix of nervous excitement and trepidation as we enter the interregnum.

The gradual lifting of lockdown, together with more and more people receiving their second vaccination allows us to breath a sigh of relief.

It means that the parochial church council is able to plan a “Farewell” afternoon tea for Maureen in the Village Hall on Sunday, July 4, to which all are invited. Having had to postpone or cancel so many events over the last fifteen months, it is lovely to be able to plan to come together. We shall of course remain cautious and be mindful: of social distancing but we will be able to meet!

All around us in the Press and on the news we are presented with analogies, for example the ‘roadmap’ to move out of lockdown and return to ‘normality’. There are many analogies about journeys referred to in the Bible and they are very helpful in helping us to vision and plan for the process of reaching a destination or goal.

The PCC has three small groups working out what we need to do to meet the necessary milestones in our journey through the interregnum.

The Admin Group is planning how to make sure the Vicarage telephone is answered now Maureen is no longer vicar. It is really important we reassure you that someone will cover the phone so please do ring if you need advice or help and leave a message if we are not there to answer in person. All messages will be listened to and we will return your call.

The Outreach Group is working out how to respond to some of the suggestions you have made to meet future needs.

The Spiritual Group will continue to ensure there is pastoral support where needed. Over the next few months we will explain in more detail about the work we are doing and the progress we have made.

The planning has taken place and we are now on our interregnum journey! We will need your help, support and prayers all along the way but together we will continue to live in the light of Christ and follow in the footsteps of St. Chad. Thank you for your support.

Clive Pendrell (Churchwarden)
Dorothy Steel (Churchwarden elect)

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