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‘Churchwardens’ Chat’

We are now in an interregnum following the retirement of the Vicar and so the monthly letter for the Parish News is written by the Churchwardens

Dorothy Steel
Clive Pendrell

May 2022

“Give me sunshine, in your smile……”

Summer approaches and so many of us have reason to smile! We are beginning to be busy in the garden and experiencing the joy which being outside brings; we are looking forward to a summer break or days out, exploring God’s wonderful creation; maybe planning a summer wedding or celebration or finishing degrees or college courses, or changing schools – life feels good!

In our joy we give thanks to God for all the things He has given us. In our thankfulness, please let us all remember those who are facing a summer of change; perhaps without a loved one; having had to move to another country as a refugee, leaving so much and so many people behind.

In our plenty we must look around to those who have so little and do what we can to help. We are saddened by the ongoing pain and suffering the war in Ukraine has brought to God’s people – our brothers and sisters – and we continue to pray for those suffering on all sides.

We pray God will let all His people feel the ray of sunshine which carries hope, faith and love.

Here in Pattingham we are looking forward to next month and our celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II; we look back with thankful hearts for her enduring service and her words before her Coronation:

When I spoke to you last… I asked you all, whatever your religion, to pray for me on the day of my Coronation – to pray that God would give me wisdom and strength to carry out the promises that I should then be making … I have been uplifted and sustained by the knowledge that your thoughts and prayers were with me.

We know you will now be familiar with the planned June 2-5 celebrations in our village. Make sure you book your tickets to the events you wish to attend and please support all our village businesses, who have been working hard to help make the weekend so special.

We hope you will all join us in Church on Sunday, June 5 for our thanksgiving service – it will be a very different service; bring all the family for an hour of joyful celebration to mark all Her Majesty’s years of service and commitment.

We are grateful for all the work volunteers have done to make our village celebrations special. This makes us remember all the help from volunteers who made this Easter, and our services of worship so special.

Our Easter flowers in church were stunning and we are truly appreciative of Greg our organist and our choir: thank you to all for sharing your time and skills.

We are working hard to continue to listen to your ideas and we thank you for giving us feedback. While we will never all agree on everything, let us agree to pray for patience and thoughtfulness to try to meet the needs of all of God’s people in our community.

God Bless you and take care,

Clive Pendrell and Dorothy Steel

PS. No we haven’t forgotten we are without a vicar! The process really is moving forward and we hope to be able to report soon that we have reached the stage to advertise the position! If you have questions, talk to us after any service, we will be happy to share how things are progressing.

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