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October 2019

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!

Well, I don’t know if that is what we will be enjoying when you read this – but I am writing on a beautiful autumn day. The sun is shining from a clear blue sky, there is just the hint of coolness in the breeze and the trees around are still laden with fruit: gorgeous!

Of course, British weather being what it is, we may well be under snow in October, or shrouded in thick fog, or fighting off floods as the rain lashes down; and it was in this month that we encountered THAT hurricane (who can remember that in the 1980s?) So October can be as unpredictable as any month in the calendar.

The gardeners among us will, no doubt, be tidying the garden in preparation for ‘putting it to bed’ for the winter months and beginning to look forward to long winter evenings with the seed catalogues, planning for next year’s displays of wonder and delight. October is often a month for drawing breath, taking a step back to reflect on the year just past and beginning to plan for the future.


October will also see the last Bells Run, in its current format at least. I must record very grateful thanks to the Ainsworth Family for all they have done over many years to keep this village institution up and running (pardon the pun!)

There is always the anxiety over the number of runners registering to run – which has grown steadily more difficult as the competition of other races and courses has proliferated over the years. But somehow, Tony and Lisa have always managed to organise a successful event – together with all the many helpers and stewards/marshals on the day, to whom we also offer our heartfelt gratitude.

This year’s race on October 6 is a little earlier than usual, so in order to accommodate those who need to be elsewhere on a Sunday morning, the Family Service on that day is being postponed to the following Sunday, October 13 and swapped with the Communion that would normally have been held then.

It does mean that on the 13th there will only be a Communion offered at 8am but I hope you will forgive us this once.

I seem also to have a lot of baptism requests this autumn – which is lovely!

In St Chad’s we offer baptism either in a main service (preferably the Family Service), or on a Sunday afternoon. There is no charge for baptism – as we are more than keen to welcome new members into the Church family – and we provide a number of keepsake cards and mementos to make the occasion special for families.

Please speak with me if you or a family member is interested in baptism, confirmation or any other celebration of a significant milestone in your life!

Every blessing


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