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‘Churchwarden’s Chat’

Gena Richards

June 2019

While Maureen is away in Russia, here I am trying to put pen to paper with some thoughts for this month.

A very big thank you to Catherine Brumfit from Penkridge and Henry Morris from Perton, for stepping in and taking our communion services, these past two weeks.

Philip Morgan and I attended the Archdeacons Visitation at St Paul’s Church at Pendeford on 15 May to be admitted to the office of Churchwarden. On Sunday 26 May at the 10 am service Philip and I were welcomed and acknowledged with prayers as Churchwardens.

I have looked on this office as a privilege and honour and looked to God for the strength and enthusiasm to do it well.

I hope all who participated in the Rogation Walk had a pleasant afternoon.

When you get the parish magazine it will be only 6 weeks to our annual Church and Village Fete, Saturday 6th July. Preparations are in full swing – but extra help is always welcome. Let us pray for good weather . . .

It was announced recently that the next Bishop of Shrewsbury would be the Venerable Sarah Bullock; following the approval of her nomination by the Queen. Sarah will be consecrated at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday 3rd July. May God’s blessing be on her.

For those who have been asking when our church clock would be back to working order. I can report that the clock engineer has removed the broken parts but it is estimated that it could take a couple of months for the repair to be completed. So watch – and listen.

I would like to share with you an experience that has restored a little faith in a company that has not given good service in recent times.

Mike and I had a long weekend away in Grange-over-Sands and we travelled there by train. We got there as planned and had an enjoyable three days.

It all started to fall apart, however, when we got to the station on Sunday evening, to find that our train to Lancaster had been cancelled – because there was not a driver for it. We would therefore miss all our connections.

For those using the trains and needing information or assistance, there is a machine allowing you to speak to an operator by pressing a button. After explaining our situation the operator advised us to get the next train and when in Lancaster to speak to the Station Master who would have been advised that we were coming.

On arrival at Lancaster we located him; he had already made the arrangements that we should get the next train to Crewe – and on arrival there, a taxi was waiting to take us home.

We were back in Pattingham only one and half hours later than we should have been.

I was very impressed with the service. We hear a lot of bad press about the railways but for us on that Sunday everything turned out OK. Do you think God had a hand in this? I would like to think so.

Best regards


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