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The Vicar

April 2021

Easter Greetings everyone!

This year Easter falls on the first Sunday of the month – but we will not, on this occasion, be having a family service on that day – although I will do my level best to make sure that we have a joyful celebration that all families and people of every age can enjoy! But Easter Day is one of those days which we really must mark with a Eucharist/ Holy Communion/ Lord’s Supper…. however you want to call it.

Last year I was celebrating a very odd sort of Easter Communion from my dining room with my laptop perched precariously atop stacked chairs, trays and anything else I could lay my hands on! This year I am optimistic that we will be back inside Church – although I also hope that we may (and I emphasise the may), be able to live-stream the service. I do hope so. But if we don’t quite manage that timescale it won’t be long before we do.

The PCC has decided to use the forthcoming Interregnum to leap into the 21st Century and not all our services will therefore need to be pre-recorded, which will ultimately save a lot of work – although we will need new people to lend us their technical skills in the future to make the most of the new technology and its possibilities for interaction with the ‘congregation’ at home as well as those physically present in the building.

Yes, we are all looking forward to getting back to something that feels familiar – but it will change. Too much has happened in the past year and we have built up too much of an on-line following to ever forget them. Elsewhere in this magazine you will be able to read how the PCC is re-organising itself to be more effective and to spread the load as you continue to grow while awaiting your new incumbent. And no, I have no more idea than anyone else who that might be or when they might be appointed, but I do know that it is likely to take several months. Hopefully those months will also see a gradual easing of the Covid restrictions – providing the numbers keep going in the right direction, but there are also important questions to be asked about the kind and frequency of services that happen in St Chad’s – and maybe in other places within our communities too.

Happy Easter

Easter is the ideal time to think about new and transformed life. I am looking forward with a mixture of trepidation and excitement to the new challenges that I shall be facing in the next few months and so, I am sure, are those thinking of standing for election to the critical roles of Churchwarden and Deputy Churchwarden, Secretary, Treasurer etc. Our Annual Meeting to elect them and the PCC will be after Church on the morning of the 18th April. I hope as many as possible under current restrictions, will be able to take part and more than ever I ask you to pray for those who are elected . . . and pray too that God will show each and every one of you how he is calling you in the service of his Kingdom – whether that is to be the best Mum, Dad or Grandparent you can be, the best teacher, the best engineer, the best customer service specialist, the best ( . . . you continue the list!) or indeed to consider whether you may be called to help in church in some function (see my earlier comments).

No, we are not yet back to ‘normal’ yet – whatever ‘normal’ means – but there is light ahead and we are people who head towards the resurrection light even when we are surrounded by the shadows of Good Friday.

May God bless you and keep you


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