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August 2019

Roll-up, roll-up! For the Greatest Show on Earth!”

That will be the cry this month as our Holiday Club takes place from 20 – 22 August inclusive and we look forward to welcoming lots of children to hone up on their circus skills and also to learn some Bible stories and reflect on them along the way.

The Theme this year (in case you haven’t guessed it!) is the Circus and we will be introduced to Mr Love-All, his son Junior; Mr Bright-lights (the baddie – although he can change!); Joe a circus worker and a cast of thousands (well, a few more at least!)

There will be drama, there will be stories, there will be songs, there will be crafts, there will be prayers, there will be games and sport. All the ingredients for a very enjoyable few days I am sure under the careful and very thorough leadership of Anna and Alison and their teams of wonderful volunteers ….

And then we can all get an idea of what happened at the Family Service on 1st of September when we hope Holiday Club members will come and share with us something of what they have learned.

Now, because we need to transform the Church for those three days into several Circus Big Tops it does mean that our usual Wednesday morning Communion has to take a little holiday for just this week – so no service on Wednesday 21st August. I hope our more mature Christians will forgive us for this annual break, but we can welcome everyone back for our service as usual on the following Wednesday – 28th August.

[Anyone who is interested in their child or grandchild (aged 8 – 10) attending should contact Anna Davies on asap please!]

And talking of shows – our Cathedral in Lichfield is staging another spectacular series of events in August, celebrating the anniversary of the Moon landing. Running from 8pm on Thursdays to Sundays from 8 August and including the Bank Holiday Monday, the interior of the Cathedral will be transformed by an internal Son-et-Lumiere , artworks and other installations – an experience not to be missed! Tickets available from

So while some activities take a break over the Summer months, there will still be plenty of opportunity to find something to amuse, to amaze and to entertain you…. and hopefully also to remind you that God is there, unchanging and eternal and loving you just the way you are!

Happy Holidays!


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