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October 2020

God of abundance,
God of fruitfulness
God of generosity,
God of love beyond measure,
God of extravagance,
God of celebration,
God of goodness,
God of love beyond imagining.

We hope we can gather, bringing the best that we can offer
to give thanks for the good things you give us,
to share your generosity with others
and to celebrate by feasting at your table.

That is one of the prayers that I hope we will be using in our Harvest worship at the end of September – but who knows?

As each month passes I optimistically think that “by next month, surely we will have a better idea of when all this is going to end?” But a dose of realism and rapidly rising infection rates across the country – not least in Wolverhampton – force me to acknowledge that there is no certainty, no light at the end of the tunnel, no prospect of things getting back to something like normality by the end of the year. We must just hope that, with 2020 being pretty much a complete write-off, we may fare better in 2021!

But on a more positive note, today (16 September as I write) we held our first Wednesday Communion since the middle of March. Very few of us, but enough to make it feel significant and I know it was appreciated by those who came to take part – with several other people promising to return in the weeks to come, as long as we don’t have further restrictions placed on us.

October has particular importance this year as we will be holding our postponed Annual Church Meeting after the service on 11th October, all being well. We have several important elections taking place so please do make a special effort and try to attend if you can. And do see what some of our current PCC members have written in this magazine [here on the website]. I know that committees are not everyone’s cup of tea but if you want a thriving and imaginative church in Pattingham and Patshull, then you need to consider standing for election! And we would like to appoint new Churchwardens this year! Compared to many parishes, we have a good team with everyone contributing from their strengths. You might even find you enjoy it! And Zoom meetings help us to stay focused!

lit candle

A word about our annual service of thanksgiving and remembrance for loved ones, which this year should be taking place on the evening of November 1st. I hope you understand that we cannot issue large-scale invitations for you to come into church – but we will post an appropriate service on line and we invite you to have your own candle ready at home to light in memory of someone you have loved and lost. “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.” John 1.1

This year is not a normal one, no getting away from that. But the Church is alive and active in your hearts and homes. Shine in the darkness!

Autumnal blessings


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