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January 2020

2020 vision…. Something that we associate with clear and perfect sight? The New Year always brings with it the urge to try and look into the future and predict what the year ahead will hold for all of us.

It is probably just as well, that none of us can know for certain what the year will hold. All I am prepared to predict is that there will be ups and downs, joys and woes for us all.

I do hope that you enjoyed a happy and healthy festive season. The observant among you will have noticed that St Chad’s Lychgate has undergone something of a ‘facelift’ as the old and weathered stones were replaced at the end of 2019 by some very smart new blocks of sandstone. This is part of our ongoing maintenance to the fabric of the church and churchyard and thankfully we are blessed with various trust funds that enable us to undertake this sort of necessary work when we need to.

That does not mean however, that Pattingham church has no money worries. Looking forward there is always the challenge of whether we can afford the running costs of keeping a large and historic building warm, water-tight, well-lit and available for the use of parishioners when they need it.

With this in mind, there will be another Stewardship Drive beginning in the Spring – but if anyone is contemplating reviewing their charitable giving as a New Year’s resolution . . . ???

Elsewhere in this magazine I hope you will be able to read some thanks and appreciation for the support that we as a church have been able to give recently. It is vitally important, that if we ask you to be generous towards us, we also demonstrate a generosity towards others in need – including supporting our friends at our partner church of St Alban’s, Ashmore Park, or helping Terry Braithwaite in his dream of providing clean water to schools and other communities in Nigeria.

We are very blessed as a community, living in this wonderful village, and as a church placed here to serve that community. And although I try to be as available as possible (given the constraints of having work to do that takes me outside of Pattingham too), I could not possibly survive as your Vicar without the assistance of many volunteers.

I have a wonderful bunch of Church officers and PCC members, a great Reader, and I have been greatly helped over the past 10 years by our Parish Administrator, Lesley Jones. She does a great deal behind the scenes and has been unfailingly cheerful and obliging, putting her computing and administrative skills to work for the benefit of me and the whole St Chad’s community. But all good things must come to an end and Lesley has quite rightly decided that she needs to step back from her role with us.

So! Who might there be out there who could step into her (small but perfectly formed) shoes, so to speak and keep me organised!? If this is something you think you might be able to help with, do give me a ring to discuss in more detail. New Year, new challenges! It may be 2020, but it is not always easy to see the way ahead … but together, working as the community, I am sure we will make it a year to remember!

Every blessing


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