Scarecrow Festival

Pattingham Scarecrow Festival is a 3-day event held in the beautiful village of Pattingham in South Staffs, near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. This extremely popular festival began in 2011 and is a great day out for all the family, especially the children. Until 2017 it was held every other year. It was not held in 2019 and the festival planned for 2020 had to be postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2021 Scarecrow Festival was held in the village on September 24th, 25th and 26th. It made proceeds of £8,990.

There were 120 scarecrows registered that appeared in the TICKET/TRAIL GUIDE which contained a coloured map showing where all the registered scarecrows were sited along the three different routes, together with the scarecrow’s name and the name of the designer/builder. There were also be several other scarecrows on view which fell outside the normal routes. Photographs of all the registered scarecrows can be seen on the Scarecrow Festival website.

An article which appeared in the October 2021 Parish News magazine can be seen here.

Further details can be found on the Scarecrow Festival website.

In July 2021 the Scarecrow Festival Steering Committee made the following statement about the plans for the festival.

Under the large cloud of the COVID-19 virus situation existing in the UK and Worldwide, the decision process by the Steering Committee to hold a Scarecrow Festival in Pattingham began in early 2021. Each twist and turn of the virus phenomena was monitored and a series of very guarded decisions were put in place over several months, until eventually in June it was decided to move the event forward by releasing the scarecrow registration forms. The quantity of these returned, it was felt, would indicate the strength of feeling from villagers as to whether the event should take place.

Four registration stations were placed around the village… in the Church, the Co-op, Martin Thomas butchers and the Pattingham Club. Within days, over 40 registration forms had been taken! Over the next few days, the display at the Co-op was filled several times with the result that to date around 150 forms have been taken. A sure sign from villagers that they are in favour of their favourite event… the Pattingham Scarecrow Festival.

Sponsorships from local businesses and also individual donations to help finance the event has also seen tremendous support, again indicating the positive backing of people in the area towards the festival.

The event has always carried with it the excitement, happiness and feel-good factor for all generations from a young child in a push chair to proud grandparents escorting their grandchildren around the village trail of unique and individual scarecrows. What better medicine could be given to the people of Pattingham after the months of forced isolation and lack of future events to look forward to ?

It has been decided that this year’s event will only be publicised in Pattingham and the surrounding villages in order to control the amount of people attending the event so that it can be operated in the safest possible way.

The festival is mainly an outside event and will be set in a Covid safe environment with hand sanitiser stations placed around the village. The planned indoor activities within the Church and the Village Hall will be reviewed before the opening of the event and a decision made as to whether these will operate.

The committee has always been ultra-cautious in deciding the future of the 2021 Scarecrow Festival striving always to maintain the maximum safety of Pattingham villagers, their families and friends against COVID-19.

Mike Coope – 01902 700426 –

Proceeds from the Festival have been dedicated to many local projects benefitting the whole community, including St Chad’s Church, the local School and the Playing Fields.

  • 2011 – The total proceeds raised at this first event amounted to £7,000.
    This was used to fund the NEW glass doors in the porch of St Chad’s Church in Pattingham.
  • 2013 – The total proceeds raised this year was £10,500.
    This amount was used as a further contribution to the NEW church glass doors, together with £4,200 given to help fund the development of the new play area on the village playing fields, the Pattingham Regeneration Group.
  • 2015 – This 3rd event raised £12,500.
    To date this has been used to fund £5000 worth of educational equipment in St Chad’s C of E First School. The remaining amount will be used to finance another modernisation project in St Chad’s Church.
  • 2017 – This event raised £13,600.
    £5,000 has been given to St Chad’s C of E First School. The remaining amount will be used to finance another modernisation project in St Chad’s Church.

There is lots more information on the Scarecrow Festival website.

No Scarecrow Festival in 2019 or 2020

The following announcement was made by the steering committee in February 2019.

It is with much sadness that we have to announce that there will not be a Scarecrow Festival in the village this year. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the sale of the Patshull Estate not all of our local farmers are able to guarantee the availability of their fields for car parking in September – and without this facility we cannot organise the Festival. We are most grateful for the use of farmland in the past and quite understand our farmers current difficulties.

Steering Committee – Chrissie Ringrose – Dave & Liz Sampson – Mike & Kath Coope – Dave Challinor

The Vicar said “A huge thank you to the steering committee for all your past hard work. Let’s hope that in a few months we will have more certainty and perhaps can start planning for another event in 2020. If anyone wants to register interest in being part of the Team for the future, please let me or Chrissie Ringrose know. “

On 10th June 2020 the Scarecrow Festival Steering Committee made the following announcement:
A big disappointment to us all, but with the many unknowns concerning the corona virus pandemic and our collective moral responsibility to Pattingham village residents, the Festival Steering Committee has agreed that the 2020 event will not now take place.
The support we have received over the years from the village, from sponsors, from our local farmers, and of course from all the Scarecrow makers has been tremendous and we shall look forward to working with you all again in 2021 –
SEPTEMBER 24th 25th & 26th – put it on your calendars now !!
Chrissie, Dave, Mike & Kath, Iain & Clive – Festival Steering Committee