Thanks from St Alban’s, Ashmore park

Vicar’s thanks to St Chad’s for £500 gift to his church

St Alban’s, Ashmore Park is St Chad’s partner parish in the For Richer, For Poorer project and is the church at which Terry Braithwaite is the Lay Reader.

Rev Tom Fish
The Rev Tom Fish

Last year, St Chad’s PCC agreed to make a donation of £500 to the church but for some reason the cheque was only sent recently.

In response, the Team Vicar, the Rev Tom Fish, has sent a letter to the PCC and St Chad’s congregation expressing his thanks for the “generous and unexpected” gift.

It has not yet been decided how the money will be spent but Mr Fish says St Alban’s has a host of projects in the offing, ranging from a community event this year to relaying the path to the front door of the church – where a parishioner fell.

He adds: “In God’s wonderful timing, it arrived on a Sunday when we were already looking at what it means to be blessed by God – and in turn be a blessing to others, with specific reference to money in the church.”

It felt, he added, that God was demonstrating in a practical way quite what it means to be part of His Family – which stretches, he said, from Wednesfield “into the South Staffs contryside and all the way round the world from there.”

(taken from the article which appeared in the January 2020 Parish News magazine.)