PCC Member of the Month – August 2018

PCC Member of the Month: Tony Taylor

This is the first in a series of ‘pen portraits’ aimed at raising the profile of individual members of the St Chad’s leadership team. The member of the month will say a little about themselves and what they find most exciting about the PCC’s action plan – which was delivered in a leaflet to all homes in the parish at Easter.

Such a move is important because over the next five or six years there are likely to be some important changes within St Chad’s Church which will affect how it meets its declared aim of growing the Christian way of life within the parish.

I cycled my way to village life – and to St Chad’s Church

PCC members voted unanimously that I should be the first ‘Member of the Month’ because it was my idea and I wasn’t present at the meeting which agreed to it. Never miss a meeting!

I’ve lived in Pattingham for more than four years but have known it well for around forty. I’m a cyclist and every cyclist in the Black Country regularly rides through Pattingham because it’s the gateway to the beautiful lanes of Staffordshire and Shropshire. So if you are driving around the village and annoyed at all the bikes clogging up the roads and pathways around the café and the Pigot then just remember, they may become your neighbours.

I became involved with the church through enjoyment of events which it sponsors – the Bells Run, the summer fete and scarecrow festival. I helped out in a small way on a couple of these, got to know the people involved and took up the suggestion of attending Evensong which fits in with my family commitments.

I received such a warm welcome at my first Evensong that attendance became a habit and I was soon invited to join the leadership team.

I am genuinely excited about all the aims within St Chad’s plan for this year and beyond. My working life in education and sports development had young people at its heart so the creation of a youth council is a ‘must do’ for me. Similarly important is my belief in widening participation by changing how we do things and making better use of space to offer more.

Therefore I’m excited by the proposed changes to the North Aisle to make it a large multi-purpose open area with a good kitchen to accommodate new activities to appeal to people of all ages. It will, however, only be value for money if everyone in the parish feels that they can make a contribution to the planning and delivery. This is why ‘Member of the Month’ is important.

Get to know your local PCC members; talk to them, tell them what you think about any aspect of church life and its plans. Your thoughts will feed into the planning process to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Better still, get involved!

Tony Taylor