New PCC structure

St Chad’s PCC regroups for Interregnum

New structure will examine all aspects of future church life

There are always very strong and mixed emotions when about to lose someone who has been central to the life of the Church and the village for well over a decade. Feelings of sadness at the prospect of saying farewell to vicar Maureen mingle with happiness for her, as she heads for a well-earned and what we pray will be a long and happy retirement.

Philip Sims
Philip Sims

Some trepidation at what lies ahead is tinged with twinges of excitement at the prospect of new challenges and possibilities to come. Members of St Chad’s Parochial Church Council, individually and collectively, have been feeling all of these as they contemplate her leaving at the end of May and they begin to chart the next phase of the life of the church in Pattingham.

After careful planning there is to be a new PCC structure for the period of the Interregnum, which we recognise is unlikely to last less than a year before a new incumbent is chosen to join us.

PCC structure

As you will see from the diagram, above, the PCC is reorganising into an informal working group coordination team, formed of three informal groups, each in collaboration but respectively looking after the spiritual, worship and pastoral side of our life together, the administration and business aspect of Church affairs and, importantly, the plans for the development and growth of our Church for decades to come.

Each PCC member was given a questionnaire and tasked to come forward with their own ideas and immediate priorities for the future and ways to achieve them. The results were analysed and presented at a virtual “Zoom Away Day” held on 20th February.

The top ten priorities highlighted by the majority of the members have developed into an initial, detailed three-month plan, which will seek to ensure all aspects of our continuing Church life are covered: for example our services and clergy to lead them, assisted as now by members of the congregation.

Plans will be outlined to parishioners

Tony Ainsworh
Tony Ainsworth

This plan will involve the whole Church family, as well as the wider community, since we will be seeking your views as to what you wish St Chad’s to be doing, where you feel the priorities should be and how you wish to see the Church in the community developing for the future.

Please, therefore, be ready to respond in the coming weeks when more details will emerge! Clearly, many of the next steps will be dictated by the speed of our emergence from Covid restrictions but as soon as possible, we shall be planning a get-together when plans can be given in more detail and, just as importantly, we can enjoy one another’s company once again.

What a joy that will be and we can’t wait!

  • Vice-chairman: Philip Sims
  • Spiritual IWG: Ken Scott and Iain Coleman
  • Outreach/ Growth IWG: Henry Ibberson and Tony Ainsworth
  • Admin IWG: Clive Pendrell and Dorothy Steel

This is an article which appeared in the April 2021 issue of the Parish News