PCC Snippets April 2017 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 25th April 2017

Among the items discussed at the meeting of the Parochial Church Council at the end of April were:

The PCC has been told that the Diocesan Advisory Committee has approved the proposals and it is now waiting for the faculty, which is the formal approval from the Diocesan Chancellor, to be granted. It is hoped that that will be received in June. Work should, hopefully, be done over the summer.

Once the faculty for the heating has been approved we will be able to start looking at other projects which will need faculty approval.

We hope to add bookstands for the choir to the existing choir stalls, which will enhance the chancel and have significant benefits for singers.

We also intend to improve the Lady Chapel to make it more suitable as a quiet place for prayer. That would include the removing some free-standing pews and replacing them with chairs and introducing a votive candle stand.

Mobile phone aerial.
We have received proposals from a mobile phone company to install a mobile phone aerial in the church tower. It would be inside the tower, behind the louvres and would not be visible from outside.

There are lots of details which will need to be discussed and professional advice will be needed but we have agreed to the principle of hosting such a phone mast and to start the discussions.

Once we have finalised the plans and the contract they will need to be submitted to the diocesan authorities for approval.

At this stage we do not know how long the process will take but we will try to keep everyone informed as we proceed.

Pew cushions and Stained Glass.
The Church Estate, which is a charity separate from the PCC and the church, has offered to purchase pew runners for the pews in the nave and also to fund the restoration of some of the stained glass windows which are deteriorating with age. We have accepted these offers with thanks.

Lunch initiative.
We were told about the “Who’s for Lunch” initiative from the Pastoral Committee. The first of these monthly lunches was due to take place on Thursday May 18 and so will have taken place before you read this.