PCC Snippets – April 2021 Annual Church Meeting

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Snippets from the Annual Church Meeting – 18th April 2021

The Annual Meeting was held on church on Sunday 18th April after the morning service. It was attended by the Vicar and 26 parishioners.

This was Maureen’s last APCM as Vicar and at the end the meeting passed a vote of thanks to her for all she has done.


The accounts and financial statements were not yet ready; they will be made available on the church website and in church in due course and a further meeting will be held to receive them.

The treasurer was able to explain that, as might be expected, the pandemic had had a significant effect on our finances but that the final deficit for 2020, which was just over £8,000, was lower than the £20,000 or so which had been feared at one stage.

Various reports were presented to the meeting – they are all available on the church website.


Maureen expressed thanks to everybody for their efforts in the last year, and throughout her time here. Included in that were Gena Richards, who is standing down as Churchwarden, Barbara Tritton and the Youth Group for their monthly online worship and the Greg Lewin and the choir for keeping singing going as a virtual choir while they could not sing in church.


Clive Pendrell was re-elected as Churchwarden and Dorothy Steel was elected in place of Gena Richards, who stood down. Dorothy will formally take over when admitted to office by the Archdeacon, which is likely to be in June.

PCC members

Philip Sims and Carol Broxton were re-elected to the PCC. There were no volunteers for any of the remaining five vacancies. The PCC will therefore have no new members this year and will lose Maureen when she retires and Gena when Dorothy formally succeeds her as Churchwarden.


In answer to questions about the possible length of the interregnum and the steps being taken to recruit a new vicar, Maureen explained that there is a process called Shaping for Mission which the diocese and the deanery are going through.

No decision will be taken by the diocese about our vacancy until that process is further advanced. Dorothy Steel is our representative on the Deanery Shaping for Mission Team and she said that she is happy to answer any questions people may have.

PCC officers

The PCC met immediately after the annual meeting to elect its officers. Geoffrey Dann continues as Secretary, Tony Ainsworth will become Treasurer from 1st May (once last year’s accounts have been completed) and Philip Sims continues as Vice Chair (and will chair the PCC during the interregnum).


Next year’s Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday 8th May 2022.