PCC Snippets – December 2018 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 11th December 2018

Among the items discussed at the December meeting of the PCC were:

The PCC’s practice is to make charitable donations equal to 10 per cent of its voluntary income. On current information that means that just over £3,000 should be given this year. The PCC has decided to make the following donations.

  • Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF) £250.00
  • World Vision £250.00
  • Us (formerly USPG) £250.00
  • Christian Aid £250.00
  • Save the Children £150.00
  • Embrace the Middle East £250.00
  • Compton Care £200.00
  • Staffordshire Historical Churches £100.00
  • The Haven £100.00
  • Air Ambulance £100.00
  • Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd Trust, Wolverhampton (soup kitchen) £400.00
  • Pattingham Parent & Toddler Group £100.00
  • St Chad’s School £300.00
  • Salvation Army £150.00
  • Wolverhampton Home-Start £150.00
  • Alzheimer’s Society £100.00
  • RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) £50.00
  • TOTAL £3,150.00

Christmas Tree Festival
This was a great success and the PCC is grateful to all those who were involved with it in any way.

Special thanks are due to the Steering Committee, who all put a great deal of effort and energy into the festival.. We understand that the proceeds are likely to be about £2,000, which will be allocated to the North Aisle / West Door Projects Fund.

Rotas for 2019
There are fewer people available to act as sidespersons and servers at the 10 o’clock service so we have decided to reduce the number of sidespersons at each service from four to three, except for major services and to have one server instead of two.

We would welcome more volunteers to help with these roles. The more people who are involved the less often each person’s turn will come around. The rota for January will be in the magazine and we hope to produce those for the remainder of the year soon.

We reviewed our data protection and safeguarding policies. They are available on the church website and in church. Whilst these may seem to be simply red tape they are actually very important in ensuring that things are done properly.

Electoral Roll
The Church Electoral Roll has to be prepared afresh every 6 years and that will happen in 2019. During February and March everyone who wants to be on the roll will need to submit a new application form otherwise they will not be on the new roll.

Those included in the roll have certain rights, including attending the annual church meeting and electing members of the PCC. For those who are not resident in the parish inclusion on the electoral roll will also give them some other rights which residents of the parish have anyway.

Non residents currently on the roll who are prevented from attending worship due to sickness or absence may still apply to be on the new roll. If you know of anyone who would want to be on the roll who might not be aware of the need to apply please let them know so that they do not miss out.