PCC Snippets – July 2020 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 21st July 2020

The PCC’s meeting on 21st July June was the fourth one which we had held over Zoom due to the lockdown restrictions.


Since the previous meeting we had been able to resume public worship in church. This has taken the form of the playing of the recorded Worship on the Web service followed by a short communion service for those who wish to stay.

The restrictions which are likely to apply at least for the next few weeks mean that it will not be possible to increase the number of services (although it should be possible to hold a baptism service with a limited number of people attending on a Sunday afternoon).

There will continue to be a need to produce the online service for those who cannot, or would prefer not to, attend church.

We decided that we would continue this pattern throughout August and September and to review the position during September. There will not be a communion service on those Sundays when Maureen is away.

A number of people have been involved in putting together Worship on the Web over the past four months but the person who has probably done most is Mike Richards. For all but one week each month he has edited and put the separate parts of the service together, which has meant that he has had to learn skills he never thought he would need and takes some time each week.

The PCC expressed its gratitude with a gift which was presented to him at the end of the service on 26th July. If anyone would like to offer to help Mike and the others they can contact Mike, Graham Tritton or Geoffrey Dann to find out more.

Harvest Festival

The last Sunday in September is our Harvest Festival. At this stage we do not know what the position is going to be then but it is probable that the social distancing requirements will still be in place and that we will not be able to sing, either in church or outside.

It seems unlikely to be a normal Harvest Festival but we will find a way to mark the occasion in an appropriate way. Look out for announcements in ChadNet, on the website and Facebook as well as notices on the notice boards during September.

Financial review

The reduction in income through the closure of the church and the cancellation of fundraising events means that we expect there to be a deficit of nearly £16,000 over the course of this year.

We are in the fortunate position compared to other churches of having some reserves so, at the moment, we are able to continue to pay our expenses. However over the coming months we will need to address the need to increase our income. We have provided a number of ways in which people can give to the church without using cash and will continue to develop those.