PCC Snippets – July 2021 Meeting

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Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 6th July 2021

The PCC’s meeting on 6th July was again held by video. Among the items discussed were:

Vicarage garden.

When Maureen moves out of the Vicarage the PCC will be responsible for keeping the garden tidy and the lawn mowed. We are seeking someone to do that – please see the notice on the Gardener wanted page of this website.

Streaming services.

Members discussed whether to continue to stream services when we the country moved into step 4 and Covid restrictions were lifted. There is a balance to be struck between the desire to encourage everyone to come to church and the need of some people who cannot attend church for one reason or another to be able to share in our worship remotely.

We decided that streaming should continue until the end of August by which time we hope that almost everyone would be able to attend church in person.

There are only two or three people able to operate the equipment and streaming will not take place when no one is available to do so. If anyone would like to consider offering to help with this they can ask Mike Richards or Geoffrey Dann for information.

While we expect to cease regular streaming of services from September there may be some occasions on which streaming would be appropriate so it would be helpful to have more people who could do this.

Baptism preparation.

Having had hardly any baptisms last year we are now seeing a number of parents who are having their children baptised here. We are going to make a video which can be used as part of the preparation for baptism. The dramatic skills of several members of the congregation will no doubt be used to good effect in this.


The law relating to the registration of marriages has changed. This means that there is no longer a formal marriage register in church and instead a certificate is completed which is sent to the local register office to be registered.

So that there is still a record of marriages in the church we are getting a book which can be used to keep details of marriages. Signing that book and the formal certificate will be a part of the service and no doubt photographs will be taken of that.

Sale of pews.

Eight of the nine non-fixed pews have now been sold. These were pews which were no longer needed since the refurbishment of the Lady Chapel and the proceeds of those sales have helped towards the costs.

We are inviting offers of at least £200 for the remaining pew. Details are on the Pews for Sale page of this website and any offers or enquiries should be directed to Gena Richards on 700188.