PCC Snippets – March 2019 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 12th March 2019

Among the items discussed at the March meeting of the PCC were:

Mission Action Plan

Members of the PCC spent a day in February reviewing what we have achieved over the last year; where we are now; and what we need to do with a view to drawing up our Mission Action Plan for 2019.

We have now agreed that plan which includes a number of items, some of which are carried over from last year’s plan. New objectives in the plan include:

  • to look for special occasions to provide family centred activity and worship
  • to instigate Family Film nights using the church’s audio visual equipment
  • to look at new discipleship courses.

We will be giving more information about these as they are developed.


The treasurer has not been able to finalise the accounts for 2018 as he is still waiting for the final piece of information which he needs. We hope, however, that they will have been completed in time for the annual meeting on 7th April.

Card payment trial has ended

We have been using a contactless card payment machine as part of a trial which the diocese has organised. That trial period has come to an end and we will be returning the machine to the diocese.

We will wait to see what the conclusion of the diocesan trial is but it has not been greatly used here.


Ken Scott reported on the pastoral work in the parish. Those who are involved in pastoral work are being kept busy. There have already been more funerals this year than in the whole of last year and there are many people who need pastoral support due to illness or other reasons.

The Who’s for Lunch? gatherings in the Village Hallon the third Thursday of each month are becoming more successful and well attended. More than 40 people attended the last lunch.

Easter cards and leaflet

Easter cards are being delivered to all homes in the parish at about the same time as this magazine, together with a leaflet which gives details of services and events which are planned for the year.

There is also some information about what we as a Church are doing to widen our contacts with people in the community and how the Church is financed.

Annual meeting

The annual church meeting will take place on Sunday 7th April at which churchwardens and PCC members will be elected. Details can be found here.