PCC Snippets – October 2016

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Snippets from the October 2016 PCC meeting

Among the items discussed at the recent PCC meeting were:-

Fabric Committee
A committee has been set up to provide support and guidance to the PCC on the appropriate maintenance and management of the church premises and grounds.

Vicar – Revd Preb Maureen Hobbs
David Challinor (chair) *
Iain Coleman
Michael Coope *
Michael Richards *
Robert Colin-Stokes
*Not members of the PCC

The committee’s objectives are to support the vicar, church wardens and PCC in complying with Diocesan property requirements, and to ensure that the fabric of the buildings and graveyards at St Chad’s Pattingham and the graveyard at St Mary’s Patshull are in good repair, structurally sound and safe for public use.

PCC Communications Group
The PCC has set up a Communications Group. The group’s brief is to look at all aspects of communications across all aspects of church life, within the PCC, church members, the parish and beyond and make recommendations to the PCC. They will also monitor the progress of the PCC’s annual Mission Action Plan.
Parishioners who have a particular interest in the church’s communications have also been invited either to join the group or to contribute from time to time.

Geoffrey Dann (chair)
Graham Tritton
Tony Taylor (secretary)
Vicar – Revd Preb Maureen Hobbs (ex officio)
Church Warden – Iain Coleman (ex officio)
Church Warden – Ken Scott (ex officio)
Kate Hore *
Michael Coope *
Lesley Jones *
Michael Moss *
* Not members of the PCC

The group held its first meeting on 8th September. An audit of the current channels of communication has been made, which identified areas for improvement and resulted in an action plan, and a report was made to the PCC.

Hymn Books
The PCC have agreed that as the current hymn books have been in use for some considerable time we should think about replacing them. Following consultations with the choir and John Fellows, Maureen has done some further research and is pleased to recommend Ancient and Modern: Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship. It contains a good balance of traditional and more modern hymns and worship songs. There is an electronic version available which displays the words of the hymns onto the AV screen in church and also an MP3 copy which has high quality organ accompaniments to all the 941 hymns and worship songs that are in the book editions. The accompaniments are played by professional organist John Keys on the organ of St Mary’s Nottingham. They are accompaniments only (no recorded singing). Each track includes an introduction, followed by the same number of verses as the hymn book. The PCC were delighted to learn that the cost can be met from the Vicars and Church Wardens Fund, which means that there will be no cost to the church’s General Fund, and Maureen will now go ahead with the order.
The PCC agreed to advertise the copies of the old hymn books for use by others, and that any copies with personal dedications will be available for collection by interested parties.

Churchyard Trees
A number of the rowan trees in the new graveyard are looking very unhealthy. They will form part of the tree inspection which is scheduled to be undertaken in late autumn. We are aware that some of them are sponsored by parishioners and we will take this into account when deciding how best to proceed. We were dismayed to learn that the millennium yew in the graveyard has been cut down without our knowledge. We will hope to find a suitable replacement.