PCC Snippets – October 2019 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 22nd October 2019

Among the items discussed at the October meeting of the PCC were:

Bells Run.

The 30th and last Bells Run was very successful with more than 700 entries for the 10K and 5K races — the highest number of entries since 2010. After expenses, the profit made was more than £5,000, which is being shared between St Chad’s School and Acorns Children’s Hospice.

The original Bells Run in 1990 was to raise money for work on the bells and the tower but over the years it has developed and for many years the profit has been shared between the church and other charities, most recently Acorns and the Air Ambulance.. The PCC was pleased to mark the last run by not keeping any of the profit for the church but sharing it all between two good causes which are close to the hearts of many in our community.

While this was the last Bells Run the PCC is looking for ideas about what we can replace it with from 2021 and how that can involve the village community.

Harvest Supper.

The Harvest Supper at the Dartmouth Arms raised £435 for the Farming Community Network, which was truly appreciative of the donation. We are very grateful to Nick Lyons, the licensee of the Dartmouth Arms for hosting this event.

Lady Chapel.

We are submitting the application for the reordering of the Lady Chapel to the Chancellor of the Diocese. The plans include the replacement of the moveable pews currently in the Lady Chapel with chairs and the introduction of a votive candle stand. The Diocesan Advisory Committee, which looks at these applications initially, has not supported our application, principally because it does not agree with our choice of chairs. We want wooden chairs with upholstered seats and backs, whereas the DAC has suggested unupholstered chairs.

The Chancellor (who is the judge of the diocese’s court) will decide the application in due course. More information about the details of the application will be available at the back of the church and on the website.