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‘Maureen’s Musings’

The VicarApril 2017

“In the midst of life, we are in death”

I am writing this in the aftermath of the terror attack on Westminster (Sorry Mr Editor – late again!). This month sees us celebrate Easter; a time when Christians remember a very particular death but also when we celebrate life in all its fullness.

We also have our APCM in April – this year well before the Easter break, so by the time you are reading this, we may well have a new Warden or two, and the PCC will have begun its tasks anew. Do come along on the evening of 2 April…. 6.30pm for the Youth Service to hear all about Milly and Alison’s adventures in Kenya this year, – and then stay for our APCM at around 7.30pm when I hope to be giving a visual presentation of “A year in the life of our church and parish…”
Now, while I will be thanking everyone, church officers and those who work much more anonymously to ensure life at St Chad’s continues through the year, whatever the joys or difficulties we encounter, it is worth repeating here how much I appreciate and value all that you do. Ministry is never a one-man (or woman) band. We help and support each other – which is what a good church family is all about.

Jesus’ resurrection is amazing, but the story goes on. One of the over-riding reactions to the terror and death happening in London was – Londoners will go on; we will not be cowed; life goes on…

In 2000 or so years there have been many big stories which entered the history books and still affect all our lives. Some terrible things have been done in God’s name by people of all faiths. But think for a moment what the world would be like without Christians (and Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs and Buddhists and many others) who have fought down the ages for righteousness, justice, compassion and peace.

But life is also about the small stories. Not small in God’s eyes perhaps. So many ‘ordinary’ individuals do the extraordinary things which God is asking of them, quietly, in his strength.

The Spirit of the Lord rests upon ‘ordinary’ Christians as they draw near to damage and devastation, restoring, building up, loving, believing, bringing new life to what appears to be dried up, dead and useless. Who knows what ripples that causes?

New from this Easter onwards will be an initiative once a month to provide a buffet lunch and an opportunity to socialise for any in the parish – whether regular churchgoers or not – who maybe feel a bit lonely, neglected or lacking in opportunities to meet with others. Liz and Henry Ibberson are the motivating people behind this idea and do watch out for more news elsewhere about this project.

Easter is nothing if not a season of hope and new life. We are the people of the resurrection and we try to live out that truth in our daily lives, in our community, in our nation. “in the midst of death, we are in LIFE!”

Happy Easter!