Shoe box appeal 2020

The Link to Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal is open for this year and running as normal.  We hope that we can, in these difficult times, do something to help these people for whom life really is a struggle.

Some of you may not be able to put a shoebox together this year because of COVID-19 restrictions. There are, however, other options to help people who really want to get involved, including making a donation. Full details are on the Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal website.

If you want to fill a shoebox this year, please do so and let Barbara Tritton have it at her house as the church is often closed at the moment. She will take the filled boxes to the local co-ordinator.

Why support the Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal?

They ask people to fill a Shoebox for a family or an elderly couple – not just a child.  Their list contains items for all family members and includes items such a shower gel/shampoo, family games, stationary items, gift for mum and dad as well as sweets, soft toys, hats, scarves etc.

Their annual Family Shoebox Appeal has been running since 1992 and has delivered smiles to thousands of people in Eastern Europe over the years. Over 900,000 shoeboxes have been sent to hundreds of different locations!

It’s a really simple idea, anyone can get involved.

Leaflets specifying what should be put in the shoebox are available on the Link to Hope website – or ring Barbara, who has a supply at home. It is important to check the leaflet as they are very particular about what can, and cannot, be included.

Boxes need to be with Barbara by 1st November.

More information, including a very informative video, is available at:

Barbara Tritton
01902 700065