Trial of break after Youth Services

The following note appeared in the January 2022 issue of the Pattingham and Patshull Parish News

Coffee break will separate Sunday morning services

For the last few months we have been having a short service of Holy Communion almost immediately after Family and Youth services on Sunday mornings.

A significant number of members of the congregation have indicated that they find this detracts from the service which they feel can stand on its own.

It also limits any opportunity for the congregation to meet and chat to the young people and to acknowledge the efforts of those who put so much into these services.

The PCC has considered options to try to get around this while still having the necessary service of Holy Communion each Sunday.

It has therefore decided to have a three-month trial of a small variation in timing on the Sundays of the Youth Services.

At the end of the Youth Service coffee and refreshments will be served for approximately half an hour.

The Communion service will then resume at 11.15 am.

This will apply in January, February and March on the third Sundays and we will then review the opinions of all concerned to establish if this is a helpful way to proceed.

Ken Scott