Resources for children, young people and families

This page gathers together a number of things which may be of use to children, young people and their families.

Sunday School

During this time when we cannot use the church building Sunday School is available online on the Sunday School on the Web page.

The Bible Society has a website and a YouTube Channel which contain lots of material, some of which is particularly suitable for children and families.

These three videos tell the stories of the Old Testament, the life of Jesus and the events of Pentecost and the development of the Church in a nutshell.

Same Boat Music is part of the Out of the Ark family. They have a number of free resources which include devotional sheets for families to go with their songs. It is definitely worth a look.

Virtual Sunday School is a YouTube channel started by the Spring Harvest Organisation during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak when children and families cannot attend Church physically. It includes the sort of high energy presentation which young children seem to enjoy.

All of the episodes are on our Sunday School on the Web page.


The Taizé Community has an online programme for families

For the first time this year the Taizé Community has put together an online version of its family programme. This is for all the families who will not be able to travel to Taizé this year because of the pandemic, and also for any other families who want to take part. The programme is designed for parents as well as their children.

The programme lasts one week (6 days). If you don’t have time to finish everything during the week, you can always leave it and finish at the week-end or the following week! There is a different theme for each day, taking about an hour and a half.

Find it at