PCC Snippets – December 2016

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – December 2016

Among the items discussed at the PCC meeting held on 6th December were:

The people in Pattingham can be so generous. You will be aware that the church boiler has broken. We have received an anonymous donation of £250 towards the heating. Thank you!

Repair work to the bells has now been completed by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

The Finance Committee met in November and have made their recommendations regarding payments, fees and donations to the PCC, all of which wee approved by the PCC. Our treasurer Graham was pleased to say that he anticipates that the budget should balance this year, and having drawn up a rough draft for next year he feels cautiously optimistic for a similar result in 2017.

Services between Christmas and New Year – there will be no service at 10am on Wednesday 28th December, nor at 8am or 6.30pm on Sunday 1st January.

Unfortunately, the new heating will not be installed until late spring 2017 at the earliest. Calor gas heaters have been purchased with a view to selling them after the installation. This will be less expensive than hiring them. We are very grateful to the Beattie trust for their generous donation of £2000 towards the cost of the heating.

Quinquennial inspection – the architect’s five-yearly inspection has been completed, and we are pleased to report that he is happy with the condition of the church building and has asked for only a few minor items of work to be carried out. An electrical inspection has been completed and the report will be forwarded to the architect.

Work on the trees, hedges and ivy has now been completed and it has made a great improvement to the appearance of the church surrounds. We will hope to complete work on replacing some missing coping stones in the walls very soon.

The PCC agreed with recommendations from the Communications Group which included the addition of an information leaflet to the Christmas and Easter cards, the setting up of a Google calendar for improved information about what is going on in church and changes to the hosting of the church website.