PCC Snippets – February 2021 Meeting

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Snippets from the PCC Meeting – 9th February 2021

The PCC’s meeting on 9th February was again held over Zoom. Among the items discussed were:

Health and Safety Policies

It is some years since the Health and Safety Policies were written and although they have been reviewed periodically it is now time to revisit them and the risk assessments which underpin them.

The PCC would like to create a small group, including some people not on the PCC, to carry out this task. Anyone who would like to help with this should speak to me or one of the Churchwardens.

Century Club

The Century Club now has 96 members. Until we are able gather together again, Alan is going to use Zoom when he conducts the draw so members can watch to see the numbers come out. The draw is on the last Monday of the month and the Zoom link will be in ChadNet.


There seems to be no immediate prospect of being able to resume public worship in church but we hope to be able to do so as soon as we can. Even when we are able to return to church we will still continue to provide Worship on the Web online for some time.

We estimate that most of the Worship on the Web services are watched by between 50 and 80 people with some attracting more than that. The daily services which Maureen and Ken stream on Facebook have a loyal following who find them very helpful.

Annual Church Meeting

This year’s annual meeting will be held on Sunday 18th April. We hope that we will be able to meet in person and that we will be holding services in church by then. The meeting will take place after the morning service. If we are not able to meet in person then the meeting will be held by Zoom.

The meeting will receive the Annual Reports and Accounts so that parishioners know what has been happening and what is planned as well as understanding the church’s financial position. The meeting will also elect the Churchwardens and some members of the PCC.

We need a new Churchwarden as Gena will not be seeking re-election and we also need a new Treasurer to take over from Clive so that he can concentrate on his role as Churchwarden.

There are also a number of vacancies for elected members of the PCC which it would be good to fill.

Church Electoral Roll

The Church Electoral Roll has to be revised before the Annual Meeting and the revision will take place between 7th and 31st March, during which new names can be added and the names of those who have died or moved away can be removed.

Easter Cards

We normally distribute Easter cards to each home in the parish but were not able to do so last year due to the pandemic.

This year’s cards should be delivered towards the end of March, at about the same time as the April magazine. In addition to information about Holy Week and Easter we also hope to include something about our plans for the following few months.