PCC Snippets – July 2017 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 25th July 2017

Among the items discussed at the meeting of the Parochial Church Council on 25th July were:

Church Fete.
We noted that the fete had been very successful and had raised about £4,500 and expressed our thanks to Kate Hore and her team for all the work they put in.

Who’s for Lunch?
We also noted the increasing numbers attending the Who’s for Lunch? monthly lunches (you can read more about them on Page 12). They are clearly appreciated by those who attend. We are grateful for all the effort put in by all those involved.

Services cover.
The cover for services during Maureen’s absence after her operation was also discussed. It was not possible to find anyone to take the 8am Communion services and some of the Wednesday services in August but almost all the services in September are covered. We wish Maureen well with her operation, which should have taken place before you read this.

Phone mast.
The company which wishes to install a telephone mast in the church tower is continuing with the preparation of the plans and working towards the stage where it will be able to submit them for final approval – although we suspect that that will not be very soon.

The PCC received a petition from “bereaved families who are objecting to the children’s Holiday Club using the new burial ground where their loved ones remains are interred, playing games and running around making lots of noise”. In previous years, children attending the Holiday Club had played under supervision in the part of the new churchyard which does not yet have any graves. While they had not been playing on or around any graves it appears that that caused distress.

After discussion of the opinions expressed by those who had signed the petition, it was regretfully concluded that alternative arrangements would need to be made for the Holiday Club children to exercise outside. This would involve additional safeguarding and road safety concerns, which have duly been discussed with those organising Holiday Club.

We have three mowers which were formerly used by the volunteers cutting the grass in the churchyard but since the grass cutting is now contracted out they are no longer needed. Rather than leave them languishing in the shed we have agreed to give them to the Parish Council, which may be able to put them to good use.