PCC Snippets June 2017 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 13th June 2017

Among the items discussed at the meeting of the Parochial Church Council on 13th June were:

Parish News.
We have decided to promote the Parish News by distributing a free copy of the September issue to each house in the parish. Our printers, Heathcotes Print and Design, are covering the extra costs in return for an advertisement.

We hope that the magazine will be distributed by those who deliver the cards at Christmas and Easter. Ken Scott has been appointed distribution co-ordinator and he will be in touch with those distributors to make arrangements.

At the moment the Parish News has about 400 subscribers, which is about a third of the homes in the parish. It is a good means of communication for the church and village organisations to communicate with villagers but it would be more effective if more people read it.

We hope that the free issue will show those who do not currently receive the Parish News how useful it is in providing a wealth of information about what is happening both in the church and in the village and that they will then take out subscriptions for the future.

As existing subscribers will already have paid for the September issue we are extending current subscriptions by one month. This means that from next year subscriptions will run from the February issue, so avoiding the need to pay for renewal about Christmas time.

This free issue is, of course, an opportunity for village organisations to communicate with the whole parish. Contributions should be sent to the editor in the usual way. The deadline will be Wednesday, August 9.

Mission Action Plan.
We reviewed our progress in the various objectives which had been set earlier in the year. We noted that there is currently a range of provision in the village for “those of riper years”, including the “Who’s for Lunch” monthly buffet lunches, which were set up by the Pastoral Group.

We have a group which is going to develop a strategy for our work with children and young people and it is hoping to start that process soon.

Our treasurer, Graham Tritton, reported that regular voluntary giving, which had fallen while we had not been using the church for the main services, had recovered. He also reported that the insurance company had paid the claim for the AV monitors which were stolen at Christmas.

Deanery Synod.
Tony Taylor has been appointed to fill the vacancy on Deanery Synod.

Morfe Valley’s contract for