PCC Snippets – July 2018 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 10th July 2018

Mobile phone mast
You will be wondering what is happening about the proposal for the installation of a mobile phone antenna in the church tower.

The short answer is that it is unlikely to happen.

This is for a number of reasons, one of which is that the government introduced a new telecommunications code at the end of last year which has made significant changes to the legal provisions and market rent relating to mobile phone installations.

Apparently the intention behind the new code was to make it easier for mobile phone companies to get agreement for mobile masts but, at least in the short term, it has caused problems for valuers to know what is a fair price.

There are also issues which cannot be resolved at the moment.

This means that the village will not get the improved mobile phone signal on the Vodaphone and O2 networks which it badly needs until those operators either find an alternative site or sort out the problems which have prevented the church from proceeding with the scheme.

North Aisle and West Door

The PCC has been considering how we can best improve the North Aisle to enhance the worship and mission of the church in all its aspects.

It has, too, been looking at how we can create an open and welcoming aspect to the west end of the church by opening up the area around the West Door.

We intend to share our ideas with the congregation and the wider community in the autumn, when we hope to be able to show what could be done and the benefits which it would bring.