PCC Snippets – May 2018 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 1st May 2018

The PCC’s meeting on 1st May 2018 was the first since the annual meeting.

Membership. No new members were elected at the annual meeting and there are still vacancies for three members.

Anna Davies has been co-opted as a member and we welcome her to the PCC. If anyone else (who must be a communicant member of the church) is interested in joining the PCC we would like to hear from them. If the PCC is to function at its best it needs to have a diverse membership which is representative of our church as a whole.

Future Events. Planning is underway for various events which will take place later in the year – including the Fete (which will be on Saturday 7th July), the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War (on Sunday 11th November) and the Christmas Tree Festival (from 7th to 9th December).

St. Chad’s. New pew cushions (provided by the Church Estate Trust) will be arriving soon and the finishing touches are being made to the new heating system.

The plans for the improvements to the Lady Chapel are ready for submission to the diocesan authorities for approval and the PCC is now starting to look at how we can improve the use of the North Aisle and the area around the West Door.

Century Club. The Century Club, which was started about 15 years ago, has raised a lot of money for the church in that time. As its name suggests it consists of 100 members. They each pay £60 per year, which works out at £5 per month. Three prizes are paid each month (of £150, £100 and £50) which is a much better rate of return than the National Lottery or the Premium Bonds.

When the Century Club is fully subscribed it raises £2,400 for the church each year. At the moment, however, there are 11 vacancies which means that it is raising less. We need to try to recruit new members. Anyone who is interested in joining the Century Club should contact Steve Jones on 01902 700395 or by email at