PCC Snippets – September 2017 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 12th September 2017

Among the items discussed at the meeting of the Parochial Church Council on 12th September were:

Much of the maintenance work on the fabric of the church which had been identified in the our architect’s five-yearly report has been done.

The guttering and downpipes have been repaired and repainted and the contractors are now working up the spire repairing and maintaining the weathervane and the lightning conductor.

The radiators by the altar rail have been removed and the stonework made good in preparation for the installation of the new heating system, which is due to start at the beginning of October.

Sunday School.
Lisa Ainsworth has retired from running the Sunday School after many years. Anna Davies, assisted by her husband Paul, is taking over.

Holiday Club.
The Holiday Club took place over three days in August and was attended by 31 children aged between four and nine. It was very successful and the children enjoyed themselves.

Parish News.
The distribution of the September Magazine free to all homes in the parish had been achieved and we are grateful to all involved in delivering them.

By the date of our PCC meeting we had had 17 new subscribers – hopefully there will be even more to come.

Bells Run.
Planning for the Bells Run, which takes place on Sunday, October 8, is well under way.

It is now be a 10 kilometres distance, instead of the previous seven miles, and there will also be a 5k course.

A large number of villagers and others regularly help in various roles on the day but there is always a need for more.

Waste bins.
There have been problems with the bins in the churchyard. The smaller black bins are for the sort of things which are put in green bins at home, such as flowers and grass cuttings but people are putting in other things, such as oasis, artificial flowers and Cellophane wrapping. We would be grateful if everyone would help by ensuring that items are put in the appropriate bin.