PCC Snippets – September 2018 meeting

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Snippets from the PCC meeting – 11th September 2018

Among the items discussed at the September meeting of the PCC were the following:

We have a new treasurer. After five years Graham Tritton has decided that it is time to “pass the baton on”. Clive Pendrell has volunteered to take up that baton and was formally co-opted to the PCC and appointed as treasurer at the September meeting.
Clive was born and brought up in Wolverhampton and has lived in Pattingham since 2008. He is a regular attender at church, where he says “he met lots of nice people”.
When he heard we were looking for a new treasurer he found out what was involved and then volunteered. He works in insurance and is used to using computers for financial systems.

We also have a new organist. Greg Lewin contacted Maureen when he saw on the website that we were looking for an organist. He will take up his post from 1st October.
Over the last few years we have been very well served by Martin Fox and John Fellows but they did not want the permanent post. Martin’s principal commitment is to St Joseph’s in Merry Hill, Wolverhampton but he has offered us his services when he can and has brought with him a familiarity with different styles of music.
John, of course, has been a central part of the music of this church for many years but he is at the time of life when he should be able to take a back seat.

There has been a suggestion that we should have postcards available for visitors to the church to buy. Mike Coope has put together some mock ups which looked very good. There will be four different cards which will be available on the welcome table near the back of the church.

Knee op
Maureen is due to have her second knee operation soon. She has been arranging for cover by other clergy for services while she is away. She is expecting to be away for October and November and is hoping to be back at work in December. That, of course, will depend on the operation going ahead as planned.

Bells Run
The Bells Run is due to take place on 14th October and Tony Ainsworth was concerned that the number of entries at the time of the meeting was down compared with previous years. There was also a need for more marshals. Hopefully by the time of the run these problems will have been resolved and lots of runners will, as usual, enjoy a well organised and fully marshalled run.